What Makes You Nostalgic: Pornstar Edition – Lauren Phillips

Published September 2, 2022 tag category
What Makes You Nostalgic: Pornstar Edition – Lauren Phillips

Male Orgasm – 8 Things Most Guys Don’t Know

What’s the record for ejaculation distance? How many times can a guy get it off? Most guys know it feels good, but beyond the few seconds of intense pleasure it gives, the orgasm is more or less of a mystery to most guys. Here’s a few facts all guys, and some gals, want to know.

Has Sex Become Taboo

I know you’re asking, “WAH?” but think about this. How many married over-forty-somethings do you know that say they aren’t having sex?

How Do Make My Girlfriend Have An Orgasm – What Is The Best Thing For Me To Do?

If you have never made your girlfriend achieve a mind blowing orgasm then you are at the right place at the right time. After you are done reading this article you’ll be armed with the right information to make your girlfriend go crazy over you. To make this article very easy to digest, I’m going to list everything you need to do in point form below.

Sex Advice – Improve Your Sex Life Like an Olympic Athlete

You can improve your sex life using the same techniques and strategies that Olympic athletes use to win gold medals. Here are a few tips from the pros that are guaranteed to make you a champion in bed.

How To Sext Your Way To An Intimate Encounter – Advice For Sexting Dummies

Sexting effectively means sparking emotions and making a connection. Discover what sexting is really all about and learn how to arouse a woman emotionally.

Spiritual Sexuality

The Eastern philosophy of Tantra uses sexual energy as a way of connecting with deep levels of spirituality. Sacred sex is not goal driven. It seeks to transcend ordinary sex and elevate both lovers to a more enlightened experience of prolonged sensual expression

When Pleasure Becomes Pressure

What is performance anxiety? Performance anxiety occurs when you become so concerned over how you will perform as a lover that your body reacts physiologically to the stress. Performance anxiety can lead to other sexual problems, like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.