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Do You Long to Make friends in Your Yoga Community?

how to make yogi friends
1. Be open after yoga class.

This may seem like the most obvious place to make buds, and while it’s certainly the place to find other awesome yogis, it’s also a place of introspection, so we recommend proceeding with loving awareness. While you may be there to scope out your next BFF, they may not be there to do the same.

If you happen to make eyes with someone before class, it can absolutely be followed up with your warmest smile, but be wary of taking that as an invitation to walk up and talk his ear off. For many people, yoga class is their only opportunity to go inward and have “me” time, so honor that.

At the same time, if you sense the gal next to you is digging your energy, crack a joke after class or pay a compliment, it may strike up a convo that may lead to tea and a sweet friendship.

2. Find cool events.

Yoga studios usually host special events: workshops, guest lectures, and live music! Sign up and you’re bound to meet awesome people in this inviting, social atmosphere.

On a larger scale, Wanderlust Festivals combine yoga, music performances, and inspirational speakers. Memories of doing headstands at sunrise, dancing in the rain to MC Yogi, and bonding over Elena Brower’s lecture on how to speak your truth and achieve peace, will form tight bonds for lifetimes.

3. Volunteer.
Many yoga studios offer volunteer programs—helping out at the studio to get free yoga classes. This can be a great way to meet fellow yogis, and you’re guaranteed to see them around the studio and bond while cleaning yoga mats or working at the front desk. You can also volunteer at yoga festivals and events, like a Wanderlust Festival orYoga in the City.

What do you feel passionate about? Find an organization that needs an extra hand and offer a few hours of your time each week. Aside from being a huge gift to others, doing selfless service will also give you a deep sense perspective and gratitude for your life and allow you to feel part of something bigger.

4. Try something new together.

After you’ve made a connection with a fellow yogi, make a date to continue to the fun! Try planning an activity that supports each other’s personal growth: plan a walk in the park, grab a delicious healthy lunch, sign up for a workshop together, go dancing, cook or hit up some thrift stores for cute to and from yoga class gear.

5. Stay up-to-date on yoga news.

Check out the Wanderlust Journal for yoga news. With frequent Guest Scribes from the Wanderlust community, like Ashley Turner’s “4 Ways to Let Go of Resentment,” you can live your yoga combining service to self and others.

Making true friends in your yoga community is like water for your soul, it is vital! It’s so important to have people who you trust, love, connect with, who understand you, and where you both share a deep desire and commitment to be the fullest, most beautiful expressions of yourselves

Now, don’t be shy. Go out and let your purest intention to build and be part of a beautiful community radiate — and if you do that, chances are, they may even find you first.