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Dana Bass Solomon Scholarship Announcement and Celebration

Dana Bass Solomon will step down as Hollyhock CEO in October 2017. Her many contributions to Hollyhock leave the organization financially stable and widely celebrated, poised for success well into the future. A heartfelt evening of celebration of Dana’s leadership and years of service to the Hollyhock community. Come join incoming CEO Peter Wrinch, Board Chair and proud husband, Joel Solomon and the Hollyhock community as we celebrate Dana’s success, and send her off with blessings for new adventures.

All Are Welcome!

Friday September 29, 2017 7:00pm – 12:30am

The Vancouver Rowing Club

Gourmet Food & Cocktails by: 

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Join us this Summer for Founders + Friends

Dive into the remarkable beauty of Cortes Island as we gather Hollyhock Founders + Friends in celebration of our 35 year history of inspiring and training change makers.

What really touched my soul was the people. I had the unique honor of hearing and feeling the powerful words of the founders and friends and leaders of Hollyhock, who spoke to me in poetry and story about the creation of this powerful vortex on our planet of the mission of this convening space, and of the gift that it is for us all to be partners in supporting it. Thank you Hollyhock founders for opening my heart and mind and for the opportunity to be a part of supporting your vitality for the renewal of us all.

– Joshua S. Fouts, Executive Director, Bioneers, Founders + Friends 2016 Attendee

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My Hollyhock Catalogue arrived!



As I left my house to start my day I stopped at the mailbox to collect my mail.  Amongst the routine brown and manilla envelopes was a brochure, a purple page with a sharp white banner ‘HOLLYHOCK’.  I smiled with joy, my Hollyhock Brochure had arrived, brightly colouring the collection of letters received.

Surprisingly, I chose to slip the brochure in to my bag.  I didn’t want to look at it briefly.  I wanted to savour every page, and that would have to wait until the evening.  I promised myself that I would make some tea and sit in front of the fire that very evening to enjoy the experience.  That is how I turned the pages of the 2015 catalogue, comfortably and relaxed in my living room.

First I read the welcome from Dana and Joel Solomon, CEO and Board Chair.  I browsed each page, enjoying the moments of familiarity – the staff, the gardens, the buildings.  Memories of my time as a volunteer in 2013 filled my mind as I recognized returning Program Leaders and events.  I reached the end of the catalogue, and then started again.  This time my focus was more deliberate.  What was happening in my home town of Vancouver?  If I had to pick  one program on Cortes, which would it be?  I moved between the pages, backwards and forwards, building a mental list of courses that I wanted to take, and spending an imaginary budget on programs and accommodation.  I envied the volunteers of 2015 who will attend Cortes for 6 weeks to help run the facility.  My own trip was four weeks and it wasn’t long enough.  How could I go back again and take programs and volunteer!??

I am convinced that I would not have experienced quite the same joy in researching the catalogue online.  The touch of the paper, the photographs, the living room, the tea.  I am grateful for the catalogue  being delivered to me and brightening my day, just like any trip to Hollyhock brightens a person’s day.

Which program will you take?   Hollyhock Programs 2015

G Day for Girls ~ April 18, 2014, Vancouver – BC

by Rebecca McNeil

G Day for Girls: SVI’s own Madeleine Shaw shares her latest project

After changing the way people think about feminine hygiene products, why not reimagine the way girls enter adulthood?

SVI Alumni Madeleine Shaw plans to do just that with G Day for Girls, a day of celebration and empowerment for girl’s ages 10 to 12 that is launching on April 28th 2014 in Vancouver, Canada. Leave it to a woman who helped revolutionize menstrual products to be so acutely aware of the lack of inspiration and mentorship around the entry into womanhood.

Speaking with Madeleine Shaw, co-founder (along with her longtime business partner and SVI alum Suzanne Siemens) of Lunapads and Pads4Girls, she recalls her own anti-climatic coming of age well:

“I was very excited about the idea of becoming an adult woman, and very curious about it… but then I hit puberty and nothing happened. There was no celebration or recognition that there was something cool and special happening to me.”

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Vertality4 Just Announced!

We’re thrilled to announce that once again Hollyhock has partnered with Board of Change and Renewal Funds to produce Vertality4.

This annual celebration of green vitality and gathering for change-makers has become a must-go event in Vancouver for individuals and businesses interested in sustainability.

We’d love you to join us on Feb. 21, 2014! Please consider featuring your business and becoming a sponsor of the event as well.