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“Pain” by Ann Bradney

By Ann Bradney, Founder and Director of the Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Institute of Southern California.

Recently I have been witness to profound pain. Agony really. That place where there is nothing left to do but to drop to the ground and surrender. That place where we who witness it can do also do nothing but hold it, give space, allow it to flow. It is an energy that has no answers except FEEL ME, BE WITH ME, HOLD ME. It demands courage of those who witness it and courage of those who feel it because there is nothing to fix, nothing to change, there are no answers except for presence. It asks us to drop all our striving, all our ideas that there is something to DO and instead that we be.
What strikes me about pain like this is its capacity to transform the hearts around it. There is purity and truth to it; and how often the person feeling it has no idea of the power they are expressing by this surrender.

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“Following” by Ann Bradney

By Ann Bradney, Founder and Director of the Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Institute of Southern California. Ann will be teaching Radical Aliveness: Core Energetics at Hollyhock on July 31 – Aug 5, 2016
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I just want to write about how it began. I imagine there are so many moments in life when a huge door is opening and we don’t even notice. We walk right by. In some ways my life had prepared me to listen. There had already been so many powerful moments that came because I listened. I had listened to the voice that said, “I want to live” when I was almost 31 and dying from drugs and alcohol. That time I had to be almost dead in order to hear, and the voice was close to a scream. As time went on there were other shouts and whispers along the way.

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Interviews with Students and Faculty of Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Training Program

Adapted from ANN BRADNEY’S Youtube Page:

“The Radical Aliveness Institute was founded on the idea that in order to make a difference in the world, people need to recognize they are part of a greater whole. The intensive coursework and unique group work of this program help students begin to experience themselves as not separate from or observing life, but as fully present, energetically connected to others, and able to be in service of the greater whole and their life purpose. The program teaches students that emotions not only provide a natural path to self-transformation, but that learning how to master and integrate the full depth of human emotions is key to being an effective leader and agent of social change in the world. In the Radical Aliveness process, students develop the openness and flexibility to welcome and embrace  complexity, chaotic energy, and the full range of emotions in a group setting that supports growth, honesty, and self-responsibility. This distinct process is challenging, fun, and stimulating — and leads to profound changes in individuals and groups. The Institute’s highest mission is to train others in Radical Aliveness group leadership skills so they can use these newfound skills in their professional lives to promote healing in their clients, communities, and organizations.”

Ann BradneyCCEP, is founder and director of the Radical Aliveness Core Energetics Institute of Southern California. She teaches and leads trainings internationally including at organizations for peace in Israel, and at Core Energetics Institutes in Holland, Brazil, Mexico, and Australia. radicalaliveness.com

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