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Facilitation is Not a Dark Art

By Julian Griggs, IAF certified facilitator, who will be presenting Alchemy of Group Facilitation in Vancouver on Nov 20-22, 2017.

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.” – A.A. Milne

“Could you facilitate this meeting, please? Here’s a flipchart marker.”

For some people, this invitation marks their first adventure into the world of group facilitation. It is an invitation to leap in to an unfamiliar situation, often under the scrutiny of peers, and with little or no preparation. The scope of responsibility implied is ambiguous, although there is some expectation that the facilitator is a kind of ‘servant leader’—whatever that confusing term may mean.

‘Drop in’ facilitation of this type is uncomfortable and highly challenging, particularly for facilitation novices. This approach also reflects an assumption—that facilitation is a mysterious, mercurial role, practiced ‘on the fly’, characterized by brilliant interventions and enlightened guidance, which somehow enables a group to operate at its best.

I think that assumption is false and misleading.

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Accelerate Your Enterprise

As the saying goes, sometimes it’s lonely at the top. Even the most social and accessible CEO will, at some point, find themselves cloistered in their office, contemplating their strategy for growth and development with no one to turn to for advice. This might happen at the start up phase or later on but it’s going to happen.  Guaranteed. Issues of confidentiality and proprietary protection often make it tough to access the counsel of others. Having said that, there are times when you just have to reach out beyond your own company walls to benefit from mentorship.

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Learn to Resolve Conflict Through Communcation

We have all experienced conflict both in work environments and at home. Rather than dealing with these conflicts, we usually let them overpower us and hurt our connections. Have you ever thought that there were things you could do to make yourself a better person to communicate with?

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Developing Dialogue Skills

via Georgia Straight

SFU’s Semester in Dialogue fosters cross-discipline collaboration

SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY professor Mark Winston has a long list of academic achievements. A fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, he’s won the Manning Innovation Award of Distinction, the Sterling Prize in Support of Controversy, and the B.C. gold medal in sciences and engineering, among other honours. An internationally renowned expert on bees, he’s also been featured in a documentary hosted by David Suzuki on The Nature of Things.

So it probably comes as a surprise to some in the community to learn that Winston had rotten marks at Boston University. “I was just bored,” he tells the Georgia Straight in an interview in his office at the SFU Harbour Centre campus. “I was one of those students who had really bad grades, but I published three peer-reviewed papers as an undergraduate student.”

This experience led him more than a decade ago to create a new model of experiential education at SFU called the Semester in Dialogue. Launched in September 2002, it brings together up to 20 students from a variety of disciplines in a collaborative program each semester. They work on a common topic, which, over the years, has included urban issues, the environment, religion, health care, food, and the arts. According to Winston, students are required to figure out how to do something that will make a difference in the assigned subject area.

“They’re exploring their voice in the context of a larger community around them,” he says. “And they discover that life works best when it’s networked. Projects work best when you’re connected. If you want to get something done, you have to figure out who to work with, how to work with them, and how to talk to them.”

He adds that about 500 “thought leaders” in the community have been brought in over the past decade to provide different perspectives, but they don’t deliver standard lectures. Instead, they engage in discussions. The Semester in Dialogue also retains fellows, such as urban-food expert Peter Ladner and former diplomat Paul Meyer, who share their expertise with students.

Graduates of the Semester in Dialogue include former Greenest City Action Plan public-engagement strategist Olive Dempsey, SlutWalk Vancouver march cofounder Katie Raso, SFU Public Square program manager Janet Webber, Gen Why Media artistic director Fiona Rayher, and Kei Baritugo, founder of BoldLove Communications.

“I think in our small way, we’ve created a subculture of very effective and well-networked people who are really starting to have an impact in changing a lot of the ways we have conversations in the city,” Winston states.

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Mark Winston is facilitating a one-day program at Hollyhock in Vancouver Sept 27, 2013. Get more info and register for “Developing Dialogue Skills” here.

Emotional Freedom Technique

The technique of “tapping” is one of the most sought after energy psychology approaches on the planet. Learn more about this mind-body approach and EFT Tapping Training in the video below:

Orvie Nix, Director of Counselling Services at West Texas A & M University, talks about Alina Frank’s EFT Tapping Training:


Alina-FrankAlina Frank is an internationally renowned and highly sought after Master EFT trainer, presenter and mentor.  She has been teaching and mentoring practitioners since 2005 and has been rated the #1 EFT coach since 2009. A certified trainer through both EFT Universe and Matrix Reimprinting, she has trained and mentored hundreds of practitioners around the world. tapyourpower.net

Learn more and register for Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1 & 2 with Alina Frank at Hollyhock Sept 27 – Oct 2.