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Padma Meditation

By Hollyhock Presenter, Padma Shyam.

Namaste! I live in the Himalayan mountains, and over the last thirty years, I’ve learned from my guru and through my own daily meditation that we are, each one of us, pure and free and forever blessed.

For years I’ve practiced breath exercises and gentle hatha yoga, eaten a pure vegetarian diet, and every single day, taken the time to meditate.

I’ve found that the single most powerful technique you can do, is the very simple act of sitting down and closing your eyes each day.

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Meditation and Freedom

By Padma Shyam, Founder of Padma MeditationJune 9, 2016

Freedom is your natural state of being, your true nature. You are free, and this wisdom can be unfolded in meditation.

Meditation is a state of pure self-awareness where you know freedom. You find balance in your self, free from bondage to your mind’s changing troubles. You find your best you, your happiest you, and can live with health, clarity and confidence. In this freedom, you enjoy life, being no longer driven to behave in ways that make you unhappy. You’re free to be happy, free from anxiety and fears. Meditation reveals this freedom, perfect contentment, satisfaction and fulfillment, with a deep sense of security and wholeness.

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