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Bert Parlee | On Love Power & Leadership

By Bert Parlee

This highly experiential program involves a deep dive into leveraging new ways of evolving your leadership abilities. Regardless of your position or role, everyone is a leader in their own life; in their family system, their friendship and network circles, their career, and in their psycho-spiritual strivings altogether. This training equips people with powerful tools and useful practices to take your leadership to the next level.


In this workshop we look more deeply into more adaptive ways of “making meaning”.   By shining new lights of enhanced awareness into our current ways of being, our present condition becomes the royal road to re-authoring our stories and our lives. We are all the protagonists in our own hero’s journeys. To best face and overcome our challenges, we need to outfit ourselves with enriched qualities of presence and expanded perspective. This program will offer you effective processes for making shifts from “either/or” to “both/and” ways of relating to life’s issues.


I wear many hats in my different work roles. I variously meet people as executive coach, management consultant, leadership trainer, psychologist, psychotherapist, mediator etc. In all instances I function as a mirror, inviting people to explore more empowered ways of being successful. The first and ongoing step in these journeys is cultivating “beginner’s mind”, of actually making friends with the way we are. This is the brave “vulnerable power” of the servant leader, as epitomized by Gandhi, Martin Luther King and many others. Carl Rogers paradoxically remarked: “When I accept myself completely as I am, then I can change”. A related paradox by Jung states: “To direct a person to their own shadow, is to show them their own light”.

Bert ParleeJoin Bert May 22 – 27 for Love, Power & Leadership at Hollyhock on Cortes Island.




feature photo via Lois Elling, Flickr Creative Commons

Social Change Institute: Moving Beyond Silos

This article written by Hilary Mandel originally appeared on the Junxion Strategy website.

For the fifth consecutive year, Junxion Strategy is proudly sponsoring Social Change Institute at Hollyhock on Cortes Island, British Columbia. This is one in a series of articles by Junxion profiling SCI 2014 participants.

Tzeporah Berman is like the Energizer Bunny – she never seems to slow down. The environmental activist, campaign organizer and author is busier than ever, supporting local community groups, First Nations, and large environmental organizations in their work to stop the expansion of the Canadian tar sands and related pipelines and tankers.

Tzeporah is one of the leaders who’ll be participating in this year’s Social Change Institute at Hollyhock. She’ll be sharing some of the lessons learned from some of the big international environmental campaigns she’s run, and facilitating a conversation about the barriers to what she calls “Issue Campaigning 3.0.” “I feel like we’re on the cusp of shifting how issue campaigns [as distinguished from political campaigns] function, and what kind of organizations we need to support them,” she says, looking forward to a lively dialogue. Continue reading Social Change Institute: Moving Beyond Silos

Art & Craft of Effective Group Facilitation

by Behn, Alchemy of Group Facilitation alumnus

I attended a three-day condensed version of the workshop described below with Julian Griggs as instructor. He’s an educator, facilitator and all-around interesting and talented guy – and I highly recommend this course to MPA, MADR and law students and staff who want to focus on working in effective groups.

In particular, many of the skills and techniques Julian speaks and works on with participants complement the skills MADR students are exposed to in Gord Sloan’s mediation workshop and Jamie Chicanot’s negotiations course.

For a student (such as myself) looking to start a career in advocacy, governance and public life, Julian’s class has proved a terrific asset to work with groups in conflict in the workplace, and has helped me through tough conversations with stakeholders.

Not to mention, this upcoming event is at Hollyhock on Cortes… the three-day workshop is also coming up in November 2014 in downtown Vancouver. There may be a scholarship available through Hollyhock that students can apply for online. Continue reading Art & Craft of Effective Group Facilitation