Dan Hines- Deep listening, Trust, and the Inner Teacher (Podcast)

Dan Hines, activist, consultant, facilitator, and priest, speaks about deep listening, building trust in small groups, truth-telling, solitude, and the process of creating Circles of Trust.

These circles are like a loom that we are weaving together. The loom sits in the center and I offer the string of my truth to the loom and the loom accepts that thread. Others give voice to the situation of their lives and there is a tapestry of collective wisdom that is being created by everyone in the circle.

This is an insightful interview about being together in ways that honor the Inner Teacher within every one.

Dan will be presenting “Journey Towards Wholeness: A Courage & Renewal® Retreat” at Hollyhock, September 6-10, 2017: hollyhock.ca/programinfo/hines/


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