Padma Shyam – Finding Freedom Through Meditation (Podcast)

Go deep into the pure space of your own being. Meditation teacher Padma Shyam speaks about her desire to experience freedom, meeting a meditation Master in the Himilayas, and the benefits of a meditation practice. Meditation is not a technique but the awarenss of the pure, ever-present, untouched, free space of your own being. Join Padma for an experience of the freedom of our true nature.

Feature Image: Hollyhock Sanctuary,  Zack Embree

Dana Bass Solomon Scholarship Announcement and Celebration

Dana Bass Solomon will step down as Hollyhock CEO in October 2017. Her many contributions to Hollyhock leave the organization financially stable and widely celebrated, poised for success well into the future. A heartfelt evening of celebration of Dana’s leadership and years of service to the Hollyhock community. Come join incoming CEO Peter Wrinch, Board Chair and proud husband, Joel Solomon and the Hollyhock community as we celebrate Dana’s success, and send her off with blessings for new adventures.

All Are Welcome!

Friday September 29, 2017 7:00pm – 12:30am

The Vancouver Rowing Club

Gourmet Food & Cocktails by: 

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Behind the Scenes, Watercolour on Location with David McEown

Upcoming Hollyhock presenter, David McEown, illustrates what is possible with the wonderful medium of water colour and the creative space it can place us in, with these behind-the-scenes videos.

David McEown painting the “Spirit Bear”, also known as the Kermode bear, in the Great Bear Rainforest on the Pacific Northwest of British Columbia, Canada.

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Oriane Lee Johnston- A Meaningful Life: Your Emerging Future (Podcast)

Oriane Lee Johnston speaks about her personal journey using self-inquiry, and dialogue with the deeper self to be present with what the soul is being called to next and using this process to guide others about their emerging future. This process also involves acknowledging and honoring meaningful milestones in the soul’s journey, being clear on the values that resonate most deeply within ourselves and aligning the inner habitate with our way of being. Who you are has value and out of that value is a way of living and contributing. This is an beautiful interview about the call to live a meaningful, soulful life.

Bessel van der Kolk – Trauma: The Brain and the Body (PODCAST)

World renowned trauma expert and author of “The Body Keeps the Score” Bessel van der Kolk speaks about introception, the primitive self-protective parts of the brain, breathing as an effective self-regulatory mechanism and the connection between trauma and illness. von der Kolk highlights the complex nature of trauma and the underlying thread that effective treatments share the foundation of consciousness of oneself and self-care; treating the body as a precious entity.

Bessel will be presenting”Trauma, Body & the Brain” at Hollyhock August 18-23, 2017:

Feature Image: Ian Espinosa on Unsplash