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Afterthoughts: My Second Year as a Hollyhock Volunteer

by Katherine (Kate) Egleston

Cushioned by the wonderful memories of last summer (2014) as a Hollyhock volunteer I arrived at Hollyhock in July (2015) looking forward to another season as a volunteer. It was everything I anticipated plus much more. I felt something take root in me as I both reached out and surrendered to the magic of Cortes Island – the forest, the ocean, its inhabitants – with Hollyhock at its heart situated in a pivotal place in the lives of many including myself.  What I came to appreciate is that everyone there whether volunteers or staff or guests strives to bring their best self forward in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration.  This bounty of goodwill is the exception rather than the rule in the larger world where the stresses of modern life are often met with complacency and indifference. In this Hollyhock is very special and honours its mission to make the world a better place. This was perhaps the most revelatory and important part of my volunteer experience. Continue reading Afterthoughts: My Second Year as a Hollyhock Volunteer

Selfless Service and Silence | A Volunteer Experience

Cortes Sunrise, Hollyhock 2013. Photograph by Catherine Wiggins

Memories of my four week Volunteer experience immediately bring me to a sense of calm and contentment. That is the gift of Hollyhock, and what a gift it was for me to spend four weeks on the spectacular island of Cortes in Beautiful British Columbia.

British Columbia is my home. I have spent many happy hours on the island of Quadra, which sits to the west of Cortes Island at the mouth of the Johnstone Straight. Until 2013 Hollyhock was a mystical centre in my imagination only which all changed when I arrived at the parking lot on a wet October 8, reporting for duty as a volunteer. I had met a handful of fellow volunteers at the ferry terminal on Quadra Island, forming friendships that would become invaluable throughout our stay on Hollyhock and beyond.

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Our former Vancouver volunteer narrates her 1st experience at Hollyhock on Cortes Isle.

by Sarah Winton via poutine and Prada

Well, well, well, look who it is! It’s meeeeeeee! I’ve been simply buried my darlings. The last couple months of my life have been completely taken up with the Great Job Hunt of 2013. It was epic, and successful! Whew! Now that I’m gainfully employed I can turn my attention back to the important things like blogging! Lucky you!

So, last fall I did an internship with Hollyhock. I’m not going to go into detail about what they do here because you can get all of that information over on their great website. Suffice it to say that it’s a great organization and I highly recommend checking them out! As kind of a thank you I had the pleasure of attending one of their workshops on Cortes Island this past weekend. It.was.fantastic. It was a nine hour trek to get to Cortes Island from my beloved Vancouver, but it was well worth the long haul. Cortes Island is astonishingly beautiful, all lush, and green, and rugged. I’m pretty sure I saw a lynx… even though the lovely driver of the van I took to Hollyhock from the ferry landing was pretty sure it was a domestic cat. Potato potato right?

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