Blending Nature and Civilization in the Body: Energy Flow is the Key

By Ann Marie Chiasson, MD who will be presenting Energy Healing Essentials at Hollyhock on August 19-24, 2016!

Twenty years ago I learned the fundamental principle that our energy and vitality does not actually belong to us – it is dependent on how connected we are to the larger energy field that we all live within. This includes nature and community (human and animal) and how our body is connected to these sources of energy. You may ask – Aren’t we always connected? Yes, we are always connected. However, how this connection flows through the body’s energy flow and organs is key.

These are ancient concepts –around for more than 4000 years, yet humans, in general, are becoming less connected to this life force energy flow. For starters, we have moved in-doors. We live alone more, or in smaller family units without extended family. We wear shoes, eat processed foods, and spend much of our time on-line or on the phone. We have become sedentary at work – and movement is the most effective way to move energy and energy blocks in the body.

We are definitely seeing the compensation in our culture – yoga is more common than ever (all about energy) and now we are even seeing Emergency departments putting photos of nature on the walls.What interests me is this – how can we blend our domestication with our wild, instinctual nature? The more I travel into the realm of the energy body – the easier and more natural this blending becomes for myself, and my clients. This is why I love energy medicine so much. Focusing on the energy flow, meridians, Dan tiens, chakras, auras – all of this exploration has lead me back to my instinctual nature, my natural self. My intuition is better, my health is better, and I feel more alive and connected each day, even when I am sitting in my office, typing away, as I am right now.

What wants to happen at the level of energy is more accurate and enlivening than “what I want to happen.”

Meditation alone was not enough for me. I started with Transcendental Meditation at the age of 10. Yet once I began to work with energy, I learned that I need to read reality at the level of energy to find my way back each day. What wants to happen at the level of energy is more accurate and enlivening than “what I want to happen.” This exploration into energy medicine, which came about due to a chronic illness initially, has given me my life back in a more vibrant and full way.

Each culture has a different approach to this energy field and flow and I am an avid addict of trying new energy and healing techniques from different cultures. For example, shaking the bones (from traditional Chinese medicine) is very similar to Sufi dancing, Native American sun dancing, Nigerian Yoruba trance dancing, and the current trance dancing our young people are doing during the Raves. Very healing. Leading the body back to its inherent nature. If you do not know any of these techniques, just try moving to music spontaneously for 20 minutes and see how you feel afterwards. Let the experience of your movement take you into these states that I am discussing. Letting the body take us back into our natural state seems to be the easiest and quickest way to blend our instinctual nature with our civilized nature. Give it a try.

Ann Marie Chiasson, MD, MPH, is board-certified in family medicine. She began exploring energy healing prior to medical school; she has extensive experience exploring energy medicine and alternative healing practices, including time spent with Mayan shamanic healers and psychic surgeons in the Yucatan peninsula.  She is the author of Energy Healing – the Essentials of Self Care and co-authored Self-Healing with Energy Medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil.

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