Yoga Nidra (Audio)

By Lauren Walker, who will be presenting The Art of Energy in Yoga at Hollyhock. Audio meditation found below.

A powerful way to shift things in your life is by aligning your unconscious thoughts with your conscious desires.  Yoga Nidra is a simple and elegant way to do that.  Through a guided meditation, you allow the mind to relax and soften and then you insert a conscious desire while the mind is like soft clay.  This desire, or vow, called a Sankalpa, helps you align with your deepest truth. Sankalpa translates literally as – the vow made in the heart that is greater than all other vows.  We are constantly making vows to ourselves, and some of those vows are unconscious. These could be powerful internal voices that we don’t even realize are ‘vows’.  Things like, “I’ll never amount to anything,” “No one will ever love me,” “I’ll never get a job I love.”  Even though these just seem like our internal dialogue, they are actually vows that our internal computers read and enact as if they are computer code.

Most of you know that our behavior is run almost 90% unconsciously.  This is why we keep getting the same outcomes in our lives, despite the fact that we really, really, really want to change and transform.  But change is not always easy. There are energetic flows in the body whose job it is to keep you from change. Even when that change would be good! All the yoga and meditation and running and swimming and dieting and praying and vision boarding in the world won’t help you change if you can’t get your energies to agree to change too!  This is part of the power and magic of Energy Medicine Yoga.  In this modality, we work with our energies, and help them transform, so that the rest of our bodies and minds can follow.  And one of the most powerful practices to help us change is Yoga Nidra coupled with a sankalpa.

Yoga Nidra has been studied and documented to help treat PTSD, anxiety, sleeping disorders, stress reduction, as well as helping you manifest what you really want in life.  And it is really quite simple. You just lie down, tune in, and listen. Your unconscious does the rest.

This yoga nidra I’m offering you here, was recorded in the beautiful yurt overlooking the sea at Hollyhock, and it is infused with the magical energy there.  Before you lie down and listen, let’s do a few things to get you ready.

  1. Create a Sankalpa. What is it you want to manifest in your life
    right now? What is your deepest desire?  If you’re not sure what you want, try doing some stream of consciousness writing. Write your bio as if you were a superhero! What words jump out at you? Circle those and then brainstorm. They may be pointing you to a hidden talent or desire that you’re hiding from yourself. Or maybe you already know what you want. Put it in one sentence, in the present tense, as if it already is true. For example: I have my dream job; I am completely healthy and whole; I am in love.
  2. Lie down in savasana (on your back), with some cushions under you and a blanket on top. Rock your body back and forth a few times. This loosens one of the energy systems charged with keeping you from changing. Now take your fingers and tap along the temporal bone, from the temple around the ear to the back of the ear. Do this a few times. This also weakens the energetic field that keeps you stuck. Do it one more time and repeat your Sankalpa.
  3. Now press play, lie down, relax, and follow the instructions.

Yoga Nidra can be done any time of day. It can help you get better sleep at night, and is a great substitute for a nap if you’re feeling sleepy. And the practice with Sankalpa can start some real magic in your life. So pay attention!  If you really want your desire, try doing this Yoga Nidra practice every day for 28 days. If you have any questions,  and when your Sankalpa comes true, email me and let me know!

Lauren WalkerLauren Walker is the author of Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice (Sounds True, 2014) and The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription (Sounds True, 2017).

Lauren will be presenting the Art of Energy in Yoga at Hollyhock on August 4-9, 2017.

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