Water, Love and Eros

Global Love School filmed by Ian MacKenzie, who will be co-presenting Love Without Fear: Sex, Partnership & the Village  at Hollyhock on Sept 22-27, 2017.

“Community is the seed which carries the wisdom of healing inside of it.”

In early October, Benjamin von Mendelssohn and Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founders of the Love School at Tamera (a peace research project and community in Portugal), gave a powerful public talk in Oakland on the eve of the first love school in North America. What is the relationship between water and eros? How might we create a culture of peace and truth in partnership by studying the wisdom of water? Watch this talk and find out.

Learn more about the book Terra Nova & The Healing of Love. And our forthcoming film Healing of Love.

Part 1: Main Talk

Part 2:  Q&A and Discussion 

Join Ian MacKenzie , Naomi Jason, and Mya Hardman at Hollyhock for Love Without Fear: Sex, Partnership & the Village  Sept 22-27, 2017.

Ian MacKenzieIan MacKenzie has been called “The Indiana Jones of the new story.” Based in Vancouver, Canada, he has produced a number of films that amplify the emerging story of interdependence: from ‘Occupy Love’ to ‘Sacred Economics.’ ianmack.com

Naomi Jason is a focalizer, visionary and artist with a passion for authentic embodiment and community building.  She is a dance, qigong and yoga teacher and lifetime organic farmer and seed saver.  She holds a vision for a global community where abundance, regeneration and love free from fear is possible.

Mya Hardman (aka AppleCat) is a Musician, Poet and Lover of Human Connection. As a public speaker she practices raw authenticity with a mythopoetic charm. Mya has dedicated several years of her life cultivating the possibility of a world that loves without fear. She believes that from a place of mutual support our shared wounds in love, sex and separation can be collectively healed. Follow her music on Soundcloud.

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