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The Yoga of Intimacy: Fundamentals

By Michaela Boehm, who will be presenting Intimacy, Attraction, & the Dance of Relationship in Vancouver on Sept 15 – 17, 2017.

This 2 part recording contains highlights from two special evening events covering the oft-misunderstood foundations of yogic sexuality and pleasure. This is the first time Michaela Boehm has presented this information in a structured lecture series and this recording gives a cohesive overview of pleasure practice and the foundations of intimacy. This audio is primarily a lecture with a few select answers to practice questions from the audience.

Part 1
– Discover the always present pleasure in your body
– Examine the habitual closures towards deep feeling
– Learn about the foundations of pleasure
– Identify the triggers and trauma patterns
– Sensitizing the body and learning how to live with that sensitivity

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Tao Yoni Yoga: Self Love Ritual for Women

By Minke de Vos, 2016 Hollyhock Presenter

The art of cultivating female sexual energy is awakening all over the world in women’s bodies! Tap into the ancient lineage of the female shamans who were deeply connected to the energy of Mother Earth. This form of yoga stems from the wisdom of Oriental energy medicine. The ancient Taoists discovered that the reflexology of the yoni (yogic term for sacred place and the female sexual organs) enlivened the organs and glands of the whole body.

A woman places a sacred crystal, jade egg into her yoni to awaken her natural, potent sexual energy and then channels it through her body, particularly to energy meridians, chakras and organs. This vital energy is refined and multiplied to grow love, passion and creativity, using movement, sound and breathing.

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Why Does Attraction Diminish?

By Michaela Boehm who will be presenting Yoga of Deep Intimacy in Vancouver on Sept 20 – Oct 2, 2016.

This week I gave several interviews and was asked a similar question each time: Why does attraction diminish as we are getting further into a relationship?

The answer to this question has several parts, many of which have to do with relational dynamics, logistics, and psychological considerations. But the single most important part has to do with what we call “Erotic Friction”, a translation of a Sanskrit term from my lineage of Kashmiri Shaivism.

This topic comes up often – whether it’s keeping the passion hot in an existing relationship, or understanding the dynamic of attraction that creates the spark when looking for a partner or with someone new. Continue reading Why Does Attraction Diminish?