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Social Venture Institute Impact Bio: Christopher Roy

Via Junxion

“If you’re conscious at all about what’s going on in the world and the changes that are needed, it’s obvious to me that business has a tremendous role to play in the transformation to a more equitable, social and environmental world.”

That’s what gets Christopher Roy out of bed every morning. Christopher runs Marketworks, his own consulting agency that provides digital marketing for a growing number of businesses that consider societal benefits, social change and environmental sustainability to be essential parts of their business offering. His clients are the kinds of enterprises that are doing business differently, operating more in relationship with the natural world, lead by people putting social and environmental benefits ahead of profit. “That’s pretty powerful to me,” he says, with a wise twinkle in his eye.

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Social Venture Institute Impact Bio: Sonia Strobel

Via Junxion. This and other ‘Impact Bio’s’ will profile the leaders and leading thinkers who attend this year’s Social Venture Institute conferences.

Sonia Strobel’s father-in-law, Otto Strobel, has been fishing the British Columbia coast since the 1960s. He’s seen the number of independent fishing vessels like his reduced to a skeleton fleet. Sonia and her husband Shaun started Skipper Otto’s Community Supported Fishery (CSF) to make it possible for Otto and a few of the hold-out independents to continue fishing.

Skipper Otto’s CSF was the first CSF in Canada, and among the first in the world. It now supports a growing number of fishing families and provides an ever-growing number of sustainable, wild, local seafood products to customers across western Canada.

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Scholarships Supporting Entrepreneurs

By Rebecca Cuttler

How Hollyhock is Supporting Entrepreneurs, One Scholarship at a Time

The first time I met Thara Vayali, I spent the first half of our conversation learning about her practice as a naturopathic doctor, and the second half trying to convince her to join me at Social Venture Institute 2013. We had met at an event curated by Loaded Bow, a Vancouver networking group for women entrepreneurs. Thara was telling me about her practice’s innovative pricing plan that makes it easier for families to cover the expenses of her services, and about the care and heart that she puts into her patients. It was just a few weeks before Social Venture Institute Hollyhock, and she seemed like exactly the sort of person who should be attending. But she told me that she’d put it into consideration for next year.

So it was to my surprise that when I arrived at Hollyhock on September 18 and settled into the comfy Lodge, Thara was the first person I saw. When I asked what convinced her to attend, she explained that it was the availability of a scholarship that tipped the balance, both as a monetary support and as a vote of confidence.
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BALLE Fellows and Staff Convene at Social Venture Institute

By Rebecca Cuttler 

Over freshly grilled local fare at Social Venture Institute’s (SVI) 2013 Oyster BBQ, Pamela Chaloult offered me insight into the ingenuity that comes about when people focus on solving problems in their communities. Chaloult is the COO of Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (BALLE), an organization dedicated to building vibrant local economies across North America.

SVI 2013 included the participation of twenty four local economy fellows and staff from BALLE.  Fellows travelled from cities as far-ranging as L.A., Buffalo, Detroit and Oakland and from diverse cultural and financial backgrounds to Cortes Island to participate. Continue reading BALLE Fellows and Staff Convene at Social Venture Institute

Social Venture Institute Reflections

By Rebecca Cuttler

During Marc Schutzbank and Ilana Labow’s Social Venture Institute case study, panelist Nicole Bradbury brought up the fact that their organization, Fresh Roots Urban Farm Society, starts every work day with a question: “what kind of fruit or vegetable are you feeling like today”?  Up on stage, Nicole asked the participants to answer their question.  Marc said he felt like a brassica seed.

Although I didn’t answer out loud, I decided that I was a red huckleberry, my roots entwined in the mature trees of British Columbia’s coastal rainforest. Continue reading Social Venture Institute Reflections