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Social Change Institute Impact Bio: Sharon Gregson

Via Junxion

Having had four kids as a working mother while struggling to finish university, Sharon Gregson knows first-hand “there aren’t enough quality childcare spaces for children, fees are too high for many families, and wages of early childhood educators are below a living wage.”

Since she was a young single mom in the late 80s, Sharon Gregson has been a longstanding childcare advocate, focused on women’s and children’s rights, and the need for a high quality and affordable childcare system in Canada.

“Access to quality childcare shouldn’t be a matter of luck!”

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Social Change Institute Impact Bio: Dr. Courtney Howard

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“Here in Yellowknife, we’re over 2º warmer than we were in the 1940s. My patient population is already affected by the changing climate—the ice is more dangerous to travel on, so people fall through; caribou herds are dwindling; permafrost is heaving and making buildings less stable; and we spent the whole summer of 2014 cloaked in wildfire smoke.”

Climate change is here. And Dr. Courtney Howard’s patients are feeling the effects: “As you can imagine, change this rapid is stressful, particularly because many aboriginal people in the north still live very close to the land.  It has real effects on culture and on people’s way of life.” Continue reading Social Change Institute Impact Bio: Dr. Courtney Howard

Hollyhock’s Magic & the Story of ZAG Heartbeats

Content & Featured Image Source: Hollyhock’s Magic and the Story of ZAG Heartbeats : ZAG Group

Hollyhock’s Magic and the Story of ZAG Heartbeats 

Change is like a tree growing from the earth. It starts with the smallest of seeds, and, as if by magic, it grows into a movement laying seeds for others to grow and blossom. ZAG Heartbeats is one such tree, and Hollyhock is the tree from which this magical seed was planted.

In 2014 Steve Curtis the Founder of Zag Group visited Hollyhock’s Social Change Institute. To paint a picture for you – imagine 100 of the most influential leaders behind social, environmental, and political change gathering in a place of heaven. In this perfect environment, they bare their souls, share their struggles, express their joys, and ask for and provide help with full vulnerability and hope. Continue reading Hollyhock’s Magic & the Story of ZAG Heartbeats

Leadership at the Edge: Gibrán Rivera at Hollyhock

From the desk of Gibrán Rivera….

I was born in Puerto Rico. There is something strange about being a colonial subject. My family moved to the US when I was 12; and there is something really strange about becoming a minority. My life experience has made me thirsty for justice. I have lived a life obsessed with the idea of change.

I tried the obvious venues. I became an activist. I have been a politician and an entrepreneur. I built a career in the nonprofit sector. All of these venues have come up short. We need a better platform for this work.

I have experienced a series of spiritual awakenings that have left me with an enduring taste of freedom. I have refused to relegate myself to a spiritual box. The fact is the earth is burning and we are still hungry for justice. Continue reading Leadership at the Edge: Gibrán Rivera at Hollyhock

Social Change Institute: Moving Beyond Silos

This article written by Hilary Mandel originally appeared on the Junxion Strategy website.

For the fifth consecutive year, Junxion Strategy is proudly sponsoring Social Change Institute at Hollyhock on Cortes Island, British Columbia. This is one in a series of articles by Junxion profiling SCI 2014 participants.

Tzeporah Berman is like the Energizer Bunny – she never seems to slow down. The environmental activist, campaign organizer and author is busier than ever, supporting local community groups, First Nations, and large environmental organizations in their work to stop the expansion of the Canadian tar sands and related pipelines and tankers.

Tzeporah is one of the leaders who’ll be participating in this year’s Social Change Institute at Hollyhock. She’ll be sharing some of the lessons learned from some of the big international environmental campaigns she’s run, and facilitating a conversation about the barriers to what she calls “Issue Campaigning 3.0.” “I feel like we’re on the cusp of shifting how issue campaigns [as distinguished from political campaigns] function, and what kind of organizations we need to support them,” she says, looking forward to a lively dialogue. Continue reading Social Change Institute: Moving Beyond Silos