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Time of Transition

Atum O’Kane
Time of Transition
July 2-7, 2017

Spiritual Perspective Shift Life – Dr. Sukhi


by Dr. Sukhi for www.consciousdivas.com

When I think back to my earliest childhood memories it’s crystal clear for me today that I’ve always been on a path of self-discovery and exploration. Perhaps it’s because the darker shades of life permeated my environment for most of my upbringing. Or maybe it is just the journey I was meant to be on. I’ll never truly know, but I would always look around and think, is this it? Is this everything life has to offer? For most of my upbringing I found that this thing called “life” wasn’t this grand, exciting and fun adventure.

I found that I was looking for happiness and fulfillment in all the wrong places. I would constantly think that once I achieved this or acquired that then life would become fun and exciting and I’d be happy. Falling into this paradigm of cultural domestication cost me so much heartache and pain. This continued until the pain and discomfort couldn’t get any worse. When I hit this breaking point, which was the most challenging thing I’ve ever experienced, something within me transformed. This was when I knew that every experience, challenge and hardship that was placed in front of me was an opportunity to wake up to something greater than that present reality.

Then one day it happened. When the universe pushed me to the edge I was forced to ask myself, “who will I be when I’m no longer me? Where will I go? What will I feel? Who is this “I” that looks out upon this world? Does it all end when this physical body dies?” At that moment I had all these questions and today more than 21 years later I’ve discovered that I’ll never truly have an absolute answer.

Dr. Sukhi

What is this thing called spirit? We’ve all met people who say they’re spiritual, but what exactly does that mean. Today I’ve learned that the essence of spirituality is in the eyes of the beholder. It is obtained through the efforts to become better acquainted with the “I” that is within us doing the looking and seeking. This path can take many forms and looks very different for each of us. Yet when you’re on it, something intangible shifts from within.

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