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Digital Photography – Capturing the Light

Charles Steinberg
Digital Photography: Capturing the Light
Aug 13-18, 2017

iPhone Photography

By Dr. Cliff Oliver

Do you take iPhone images of your friends, family and special life events? Or do you take images of nature and the environment?

Either way, photos that are more compelling and riveting will help you tell a more meaningful story.

Images straight out of the iPhone have some challenges. They often lack sharpness, clarity, saturation, contrast and balance.

In the iPhone photography course on June 24-29th, we will create images and apply powerful yet simple edits to make them more memorable. We will immerse in the unique beauty of Hollyhock and Cortes Island to discover, compose and share our personal visions.

The following photo is a typical casual capture:ip

This next image is after editing:


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Presenter Profile | Douglas Beasley

Content from Douglas Beasley’s website 
Feature Photo from flikr.com by Ivana Vasilj

Douglas Beasley’s personal vision explores the spiritual aspects of people and place and is concerned with how the sacred is recognized and expressed in everyday life. He hopes that his photographs act as prayer-like offerings, as a departure point for the viewer’s own visual or spiritual journey.

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Our former Vancouver volunteer narrates her 1st experience at Hollyhock on Cortes Isle.

by Sarah Winton via poutine and Prada

Well, well, well, look who it is! It’s meeeeeeee! I’ve been simply buried my darlings. The last couple months of my life have been completely taken up with the Great Job Hunt of 2013. It was epic, and successful! Whew! Now that I’m gainfully employed I can turn my attention back to the important things like blogging! Lucky you!

So, last fall I did an internship with Hollyhock. I’m not going to go into detail about what they do here because you can get all of that information over on their great website. Suffice it to say that it’s a great organization and I highly recommend checking them out! As kind of a thank you I had the pleasure of attending one of their workshops on Cortes Island this past weekend. It.was.fantastic. It was a nine hour trek to get to Cortes Island from my beloved Vancouver, but it was well worth the long haul. Cortes Island is astonishingly beautiful, all lush, and green, and rugged. I’m pretty sure I saw a lynx… even though the lovely driver of the van I took to Hollyhock from the ferry landing was pretty sure it was a domestic cat. Potato potato right?

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What's a StoryShard?

by Lisl Dennis

StoryShards are the sacred guiding memories
and motivating themes of your life –integral to the whole vessel.
– Lisl Dennis


Creative ideas, imagination and visual art come to me in unexpected ways and by magical means. Checking into Blue Lake Ranch near Durango, CO, a woven basket of real-deal more-than-likely Anasazi shards greeted me at the reception desk. Shards – sherds in some climes – having become the major symbolic mnemonic for my STORYSHARDS – Archaeology for Your Life women’s retreats, I was all over this basket-full photographically.

What’s A StoryShard?


Unearthed on private ranch property some time ago, I took still life photographs of the shards with sun filtering through breezy trees creating magical highlights on the compositions. In need of color, I arranged them diversely on the underside of a signature burnt orange Hermes scarf box. Just happened to have it from an extravagant shopping spree in Denver. Post production Adobe Lightroom moved the images from moment to visual magic.


As I photographed, I thought of STORYSHARDS as being the Keeper Shards – whether they remain sharp-edged or softened in the heart-hand of memory. The constructive and creative memories we are still working with, or are the shards still working us? Whichever, just so long as they’re in the works.


Each emerging shard image was its own gestalt as light orbs shifted visibly thru the lens. Interesting how viewing things through an artificial optic creates metaphors for real life. Like the pentimento of underpainting, long forgotten imperceptible nano-memories – unearthed like an archaeological dig – piece together anecdotes and thread story lines into your meta-story: The Archaeology for Your Life.


Like an archaeological dig, the Keeper Shards are grounded beneath therapy; dreamwork and soul retrieval; smorgasbords of externalized self-help programs; retreats with false gods and funky gurus; crystals and bells; and things that peep in the night. Been there, done that? When it come right down-to-the-earth of it, turning the lens honestly inward pulls focus on magical unexpected perspectives for your own story forward.


Through its vibrant original imagery and evocative world music, the STORYSHARDS – Archaeology for Your Life is about clarifying and honoring your intentionality in life. It’s about collecting the depth and breadth of the diversity of personal work you’ve done, and placing it all into a woven basket – a vessel of imagination, capacity and engaged creativity. Weaving neatly – making of oneself an offering – holding all your shards together in service to the world.

Lisl, great gratitude for inviting me to STORYSHARDS – a perfect gathering. You woke us by calling to our dreaming. Your visual segments are color and beauty for our souls. You showed the way to a beautiful group conversation, very well done indeed. I felt energized as I drove away. What a pleasure and privilege to enter in conversation with the women who came together. You were the captainess of the ship keeping us navigating in high sees. No overbearing egos, just a concentrated conversation surfing the day with delight and clear light. Joanna Harcourt-Smith – Future Primitive

View Lisl’s lushly illustrated StoryShards website: www.StoryShards.info