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Celebrating 35 Years: 2017 Hollyhock Program Launch Party

Hollyhock exists to inspire, nourish, and support people who are making the world better. Connect with presenters and inspiring changemakers while celebrating Hollyhock’s 35th year.

Join us to celebrate our 2017 program launch! Enjoy appy’s, beverages, presentations by a few of our 2017 presenters, and a door prize draw.

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Tips for a Sustainable Holiday Gathering

By Heather Balch

1) Buy local. Support local companies by purchasing local food, wine, and beer. Not only are you supporting your local community but local food usually has a smaller environmental impact.

2) Use ingredients that are in-season. If you are planning on cooking for your party, make sure to use ingredients that are in-season. They will be fresher, easier to get, and they are better for the environment.

3) Use Mother Nature to decorate. Collect sticks at your local park to put in vases or paint and use them as center pieces. You can also use pinecones, acorns, leaves and potted plants as beautiful decorations.

4) Reduce waste. Send out electronic invites instead of paper ones. Use reusable cloth napkins to reduce the amount of waste your party creates. Properly dispose of the waste your party does create by composting the food and recycling beverage containers.

5) Encourage Secret Santa. Instead of buying presents for everyone on your list, encourage your party to participate in Secret Santa and limit individuals to only bring one gift each.

6) Make a donation. Ask your guests to make a donation instead of purchasing a hostess gift or let them choose a charity they’d like you to make a donation to instead of offering party favours.

And be in the moment. Enjoy each and every moment of the holidays with your loved ones; be grateful for all you have; and cultivate generosity.

Happy Holidays!