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Blissology Talks: The Physiology of Stress

Yogi Eoin Finn interviews Dr. Lawrence Cheng on how the nervous system, immune system and hormonal system interact and what yoga can do to effect this. We discuss how the nervous system and the endocrine system function together and separately.

Join Eoin and Lawrence for Yoga Mind Body Medicine at Hollyhock on Sept 28 – Oct 2, 2016!

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Dr. Lawrence Cheng is a integrative and functional medicine doctor who is passionate about intelligently combining the best of biomedicine and complementary therapies to help people and communities be healthy, vibrant and thrive. He has trained under Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona Fellowship Program in Integrative Medicine. He is also a practicing Emergency Physician and has a Masters in Public Health from Harvard. He is the co-founder and co-director of Connect Health Centre for Integrative and Functional Medicine in Vancouver. connecthealthcare.ca

 Globally renowned yoga teacher, ocean activist, surfer and Blissologist, Eoin Finn has been deepening his understanding of Yoga and Eastern Philosophy since 1989. In 1999 Eoin founded a yoga system called Blissology and has been teaching this unique, transformative, alignment based yoga. Through this practice he has been exploring strategies for bringing more joy, awe, love and bliss all over the world. Eoin is passionate about bringing spirituality down to earth, reclaiming quiet time in nature as the greatest spiritual portal and our best source of health and happiness.  blissology.com