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Connect With Nature, Feel Awesome


Hike, kayak and sail amid the wild beauty of Cortes Island’s West coast Temperate Rainforest, with Hollyhock’s knowledgeable, fun-loving Naturalists, Bill Ophoff and George Sirk.  Enjoy the natural recreation and the natural services provided by mother earth, while learning about the ecosystem around you.  You will no doubt leave this program feeling a better connection with the earth, with yourself, and with those around you.

Bill Ophoff has a background in geography and biology, is a world naturalist traveler, and has been Hollyhock’s resident naturalist for fifteen years.

George Sirk is a naturalist host and freelancer for CBC radio. He is the founder of the naturalist program at Hollyhock and a local birdcall expert. A naturalist guide since 1969, his expeditions have taken him from the tropical rainforests to the Canadian arctic. He is a champion of environmental issues and interprets nature with a Gaian perspective.

Join Bill and George, for an excellent Hollyhock Adventure Program, Aug 25-30, 2013.