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Emotional Freedom Technique

The technique of “tapping” is one of the most sought after energy psychology approaches on the planet. Learn more about this mind-body approach and EFT Tapping Training in the video below:

Orvie Nix, Director of Counselling Services at West Texas A & M University, talks about Alina Frank’s EFT Tapping Training:


Alina-FrankAlina Frank is an internationally renowned and highly sought after Master EFT trainer, presenter and mentor.  She has been teaching and mentoring practitioners since 2005 and has been rated the #1 EFT coach since 2009. A certified trainer through both EFT Universe and Matrix Reimprinting, she has trained and mentored hundreds of practitioners around the world. tapyourpower.net

Learn more and register for Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1 & 2 with Alina Frank at Hollyhock Sept 27 – Oct 2.