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Why Men Should do Yoga

by Quentin Vennie via The Huffington Post

In recent years there has been a large influx of yoga enthusiasts and practitioners nationwide. These days you can find a yoga class almost anywhere, from your classic yoga studios to local libraries and YMCAs. Even fitness chains have started to catch on, with many of them offering a wide range of yoga classes as an added benefit to their members.

The fact is, yoga is everywhere!

There are many benefits in maintaining a consistent yoga practice. Yoga has been shown to relieve stress, enhance mental focus, improve posture, improve mood and increase flexibility. With all of the life changing advantages of yoga, there is one question that remains: Where are all of the male yogis?

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class in America, I’m sure you’ve noticed the undeniable absence of men in the class. You may find one or two if you’re lucky — sometimes three, but that’s pushing it.

Why is it that in this new age, there seems to be an ample amount of men who share no interest in taking part in this amazing practice? A practice that was designed by men, originally intended for men.

There have been many misrepresentations of yoga, especially now that it has been commercialized in pop culture and demonized in many social circles. These misconceptions are very common amongst those who don’t fully understand the practice.

Yoga has seven limbs, with asana (poses) as only one — the most popular one.

For all men out here, let’s be clear — yoga does not make you dainty or feminine. It makes you strong and durable. It provides you with a constant challenge to become a better form of yourself, day in and day out. It teaches you how to find comfort and contentment in some of the most uncomfortable situations.

These lessons stretch far beyond a body position — they transcend into life.

To expound on this idea, some of the best athletes of today incorporate yoga into their everyday lives. For example, LeBron James started doing yoga as a way to help with lower back issues. Ray Lewis integrated yoga into his regular routine as a way to balance out his overall lifestyle. Professional athletic franchises including the New York Giants and L.A. Lakers have also added yoga as a staple in their training routines.

In addition to athletes, celebrities like Adam Levine, Matthew McConaughey, Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Bon Jovi are all notable yogis.

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