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The Sounds in Silence: How Horses Help Humans Become Their Own Masterpiece

By Sandra Wallin, director of Chiron’s Way Centre. Sandra will be co-presenting Horse Wisdom in Vancouver on Sept 17, 2017.

Horses have inspired artists throughout the ages and in turn, those of us who look upon their art are captivated by the beauty and majesty of the horse. The cave drawings in Lascaux, Leonardo’s sculptures, and the finger paintings that adorn kindergarten classrooms, created by little girls who dream of being a horse.

What I want to share however, is a new way of looking at horses, through stories that pay homage to the master artist in each horse.  Instead of the painted, they are now the painters, transforming the at times tattered canvas of the human spirit into glowing masterpieces, alive with the colours of love, compassion and joy.

The Sounds In Silence:

My first story begins wrapped in the grey mist of a wet, west coast day.  It was drizzling and overcast as I went out to groom the horses. Standing beside them in the shelter it seemed as though the world stood still. The clouds hovered atop our little mountain, shutting out the sounds from far away, creating a quiet symphony of the little sounds that often go unnoticed … the drips falling from leaf to leaf, the wonderful sound of horses chewing, my own contented sigh.

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Meditation and Freedom

By Padma Shyam, Founder of Padma MeditationJune 9, 2016

Freedom is your natural state of being, your true nature. You are free, and this wisdom can be unfolded in meditation.

Meditation is a state of pure self-awareness where you know freedom. You find balance in your self, free from bondage to your mind’s changing troubles. You find your best you, your happiest you, and can live with health, clarity and confidence. In this freedom, you enjoy life, being no longer driven to behave in ways that make you unhappy. You’re free to be happy, free from anxiety and fears. Meditation reveals this freedom, perfect contentment, satisfaction and fulfillment, with a deep sense of security and wholeness.

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Healing from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder with NeurosculptingⓇ

How do you know if you have trauma or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?  PTSD is the body’s “fight-or-flight” response activated in times when there is no reason for stress or danger.  Symptoms can include anger, aggression, freezing, withdrawl, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks¹.  PTSD develops after a person has experienced a traumatic event that involved physical harm or the threat of physical harm.  PTSD is difficult to treat because the traumatic memory is stored in the emotional area of the brain, which cannot differentiate time.  Therefore symptoms of past stress occur in present time².

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NeurosculptingⓇ with Lisa Wimberger

According to the Centre d’etudes ethniques des universities montrealaises,  40.4% of Canadians pray or meditate on their own weekly.  Yet many people still find meditation to be a challenging and elusive practice. Lisa Wimberger’s goal is to make meditative practices accessible and easy, while still being effective and impactful.

Lisa Wimberger has innovated modern meditation utilizing the latest research in neuroscience as an answer to bring deep healing to victims of trauma.  Based on thirty years of experience in various forms of meditation, Wimberger developed NeurosculptingⓇ as a way to heal herself from seizures where conventional medicine had failed.

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Invite Calm with a Morning Ritual

Whether you’re looking for some ideas to incorporate some teaching you learned at Hollyhock back into the city or just some ideas in general to calm your mind, this article helps remind us how important it is to find time at the beginning of the day for oneself. Start on the right foot and read on!

By Giselle Shardlow via Elephant Journal

Since my daughter’s birth, I have been shamelessly focused on creating a bedtime ritual that helps maximize her sleep.

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