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Intuitive Self-Healing – Marie Manuchehri

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·         The chakra system-how to access and activate seven energy centers that hold the key to our wholeness and intuitive gifts
·         A chakra-by-chakra examination of specific health and emotional issues, with easy self-assessment quizzes
·         Energetic preventative care-detecting and addressing potential health problems before they physically manifest
·         Hands-on tools for accessing intuition, including one-minute exercises to ground and balance your energy-anywhere
·         Your intuitive style-how to discover your unique strengths for reading and working with subtle energy


Join Marie Manuchehri in Vancouver, October 23rd thru 25th for Anatomy of Medicine.

Connect to Your Emotional Body

In 1997, I became aware of my spirit guides – beings that I believe are devoted to the evolution of those of us living in human spirit.  To be human can feel like one is cut off from awareness or guidance, but spirit guides work diligently everyday to help bridge the misperception that we are alone and only guided by over thinking mind.

My three spirit guides – one male and two females – instructed me, through visual scenes and auditory explanation, on how to quiet my mind and spend time with my emotions. At the time I believed my thoughts were attached to my emotions because most of my thoughts led to feelings- lots and lots of feelings.

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Guided Meditation: How to Feel Your Human Energy System

Enjoy this short guided meditation on How to Feel Your Human Energy System.

For more info on Marie’s Hollyhock program
Perception is Everything please follow this  link
If you would like to learn more about Marie Manuchehri please visit her website at http://www.energyintuitive.com


Marie Manuchehri Interviews Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra stops by The Marie Manuchehri Show to give us an update on his latest novel, The 13th Disciple. The second half of the show Marie does live readings on the air for callers around the country.

Listen to The Marie Manuchehri Show: Where Energy & Medicine Meet everything Thursday at 9am PT on 1150AM in Seattle and streaming live at www.energyintuitive.com/radio

To listen to hundreds of recorded radio shows, visit Marie’s radio page here.

For more information on Marie’s ‘Perception is Everything’ workshop at Hollyhock please follow this link
If you would like to learn more about Marie Manuchehri please visit her website at http://www.energyintuitive.com


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Spirit Guides | Marie Manuchehri

Rick Archer’s interview with Marie Manuchehri on Buddha at the Gas Pump. Rick goes through his list of questions about ‘spirit guides’ or ‘guardian angels’ with Marie.

Marie talks about how she came into the work she offers now.

Feature photo by Agustin Rafael Reyes courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons