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Have you heard of Yellow Tara?

Many people including almost all Tibetan Buddhists, from the most sophisticated to the simplest, including the Dalai Lama, maintain their deep connection with the Great Goddess Tara, the feminine manifestation of the divine, known as the Mother of the Buddhas, and who acts swiftly and confers compassion, enlightened action, liberation, emotional and physical healing and long life, and is able to bring enlightenment in this lifetime. Most people may be familiar with Green Tara and White Tara and some with Red Tara, but she comes in 21 forms.

Through working with the particular energies of Yellow Tara we are able to ease the blockages to achievements in work, in life and in emotional and physical health, bring about abundance, order and flow in our lives and work towards achieving the essential state of reality and become enlightened. In Tibetan Buddhism, the ultimate liberation is to transform the elements of the body into the essence of their substance – the rainbow colours and ultimately achieve the rainbow body.

Yellow Tara acts with lightening speed to activate our intentions. She enriches us with joy, abundance and luminous wisdom, with radiance, the light and warmth of the sun, bringing increase, boundless generosity, richness of life and life’s attributes, nourishment, happiness, inspiration, eloquence and flow, fecundity, plenty and equality.

She helps us to thrive and prosper, allows for our projects and relationships to flourish and our resources to flow. She increases our own and the Earth’s fertility, the waters and the rivers of life, our health, wealth, longevity and good fortune.

She is a protector and powerful remover of obstacles and negative emotions such as fear, anxiety and depression. Yellow Tara is a powerful and benign and generous intermediary, both individually and in the world. Her symbol is the wish-fulfilling jewel and she shines her glorious radiant beneficence on us from the warmth of the sun.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWorld renowned Jill Purce is leading an unique ceremony of the mandala that will,  for the first time ever, focus on the practice of Yellow Tara. The weeklong Healing Voice retreat will happen over the festival of Beltane or May Day, a festival of fecundity when the forces of heaven penetrate the earth (represented in traditional England by the Maypole). We will harness these forces using sound as the bridge between the worlds to connect to the source of power through the instrument of our own voice and purify the body, the elements and past karma.

The work done within this magical environment of continuous chants and practice will involve transforming those areas of our life where we feel impoverished, into manifesting in our lives the true radiance and abundance of our innate wisdom and invoking the radiant generosity of Yellow Tara to act in our lives for renewed joy and abundance.

Wonderful, magical, healing and utterly life changing week. In the first two days Jill will teach the ancient shamanic practice of overtone chanting – an ethereal, magical and powerfully meditative vocal yoga, vocal purification practices, transformative breathing, vocal yogas, sonorous meditations, sacred chants, mantras and sonic practices to transform family curses into their corresponding blessings and heal the ancestral lines. As the week progresses the group will journey through the Mandala of Yellow Tara and experience the union of the sacred masculine and feminine, bliss and emptiness. Beautiful continuous chant and practice.

Jill only does one weeklong residential of this kind a year so its hugely in demand from people all over the world – places and beds are limited so its essential to book early.

Where? UK. Very near Glastonbury (The Mystical Centre of Britain) in a breathtaking valley, nestling between two sacred hills.

When? Beltane (May Day): April 25th – May 2nd, 2014.

How much? £855 incl. shared room & board; Great Camping – w/meals £740; Non-Res. w/lunch: £635.

What else? Gourmet vegetarian food.

More info and registration here.

Jill Purce’s chanting will help you discover the magical and mysterious in you. Through these chants you will encounter your sacred self and your life will be changed forever – Dr. Deepak Chopra

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We are pleased to announce that Jill is coming back to Hollyhock in 2014 to teach Healing Family and Ancestors: Ritual & Resonance, July 27-Aug 1 at our Cortes Island campus.

Do you know what "InterSpirituality" means?

In this video Ed Bastian talks about InterSpirituality, the Spiritual Paths Mandala creating your own spiritual path and contemplative practice, and provides an overview and rationale for both the Mandala Process and InterSpiritual Meditation.


Ed-BastianEd Bastian holds a PhD in Buddhist Studies and is President of Spiritual Paths Foundation.  He is an award-winning author, producer of religious programs for the BBC and PBS, director for the Smithsonian Biodiversity Program, internet entrepreneur, and environmentalist.spiritualpaths.net

Join Ed Bastian at Hollyhock on Cortes Island, June 9-14, 2013 for Leading From Within – Creating Your Spiritual Path.