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Hang Out At Hollyhock

By Cherie Thiessen via BC Magazine

The northern reaches of the Strait of Georgia are gently rippling today, and in the background the lofty Coastal Mountains still wear a skiff of snow while overshadowing the gentler profiles of the Discovery Islands. I’m glad we have 45 minutes aboard the refit relief boat, Quadra Queeen II; time to savour the pristine, open view before arriving at Whaletown on Cortes Island, British Columbia.

We let our senses quietly expand and absorb. The day will culminate in Hollyhock’s hot tub overlooking the Strait of Georgia and Twin Islands, after three relaxing ferries and leisurely Vancouver and Cortes island drives. Oystercatchers will be calling close by our beachfront cottage and my friend, Pat Crossley, and I will fall asleep listening to the slurp of waves.


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The Most Powerful Words

Originally posted on Arjuna Ardagh’s Website, May 2016. Arjuna is an Awakening Coach, writer, and public speaker.

My friend, Jonathan Robinson, loves to tell this delightful story whenever he has the chance. I am not sure how much of it is true and how much of it is fabrication, but either way the story works.

As the myth goes, Jonathan heard about a great teacher in India. He was so impressed with what he had heard that he decided to travel to meet the teacher. Of course, going anywhere in India is inconvenient, so after plane rides and bus rides and rickshaw rides, he ended up meeting the esteemed and venerable Swami. 

After bowing down in the way customary to Indian culture, this teacher said to Jonathan, “Would you like me to give you the mantra that will set you free forever?” Jonathan gulped. This was unexpected. Were they really going straight to third base on a first date? 

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