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Maamwii Mno ki ‘ang – “Together on this Land”

By Kim Haxton (Potowatomi), who will be co-presenting IndigenEYEZ Leadership Essentials at Hollyhock in July 2017.

Canada is a newcomer as a Nation as compared to the many First Nations from across Canada that have thousand of years in sovereign Nationhood.  The Haida with 17000 years and Sylix/Okanagan 8,000 years had the time to understand how to live well upon the land. This is time for Canada to learn, mature and fulfill its potential as a nation by taking the opportunity to learn from the indigenous ways of seeing and being that have been formed through hundreds of generations of living with the land in a good way, thereby being able to cultivate an appropriate Nation to Nation relationship.

However it must also be acknowledged that the ability of First Nations to share their cultural wisdom has been severely diminished through the effect of colonization and cultural genocide that impacted health of individuals, families, and communities, by separating them from the land and their cultural heritage vis a vis residential schooling and inadequate funding of critical services.

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Dreamtime Didjeridu

via shinelikethesun.ca

The world is sung into being, matter is composed of sound vibrations, so nothing really dies… it just changes form, on and on through time, retaining a memory so that it can evolve, to higher and higher life forms.Therefore the Universe is a Conscious and intelligent being that we are all a part of.

Each of us is born with a purpose and when we follow our passion and our joy, we live our dream and when we live our dream, we are happy, healthy and whole. When we compromise our dreams… we become DISeased and it will manifest in all manner of illnesses.

The Didjeridu helps to awaken cellular memory and activates the DNA so that we can remember who we are and realize our true purpose. Continue reading Dreamtime Didjeridu