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The Ripple Effect of a Gift to the Scholarship Fund

We recently reached out to past Hollyhock scholarship recipients  to share the impact of their Hollyhock Experience and to participate in our “Circle of Giving” to support future scholarship recipients. We were overwhelmed with the generosity of our past recipients and the ripple effect of receiving a scholarship has had on their lives. We are grateful for the opportunity to share some of these stories with you.

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The Love Strategy: Metta in the Boardroom

feature photo courtesy of Dawn, Flickr Creative Commons

There are a lot of articles out there these days, including this one from the Huffington Post, which list the benefits of meditation – including reduced stress, improved concentration, greater happiness, slower aging… There is a story at Hollyhock about another benefit of meditation and how it helped to secure the Great Bear Rainforest from logging during the “War of the Woods”.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Board Member Karen Mahon tells the story of The Love Strategy in this short video.

VIDEO: Hollyhock’s Social Venture Institute

In 2014, Hollyhock welcomed 140 mission-based entrepreneurs to our 19th annual Social Venture Institute. Over four days, this community of business and social change leaders shared challenges and successes among peers in an atmosphere of trust and goodwill. Continue reading VIDEO: Hollyhock’s Social Venture Institute

Make A Move

Photo by Natashi Jay, Flikr Creative Commons

The ‘Maker Movement’ is coming to Cortes Island in October. This contemporary subculture has a strong focus using and developing practical skills and applying them creatively.

Etsy, the fast growing e-market place promotes Arts and Craft Makers around the world.  In Canada, Etsy has been on the road this year ‘popping-up’ in cities from the East to the West Coast, joining together local craft makers and Artisans to share their ideas and create local Maker Movements.

Jessika Hepburn is an Etsy Ambassador, a ‘Mover and Maker’, a cheerful activist and a Community Matchmaker.  Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia Jessika and Friends will be visiting Hollyhock to share their talents, their business ideas, their experiences and their energies with us.  Make a Move to Jessika’s web site to read more.


Join Jessika Hepburn and friends for Makers Retreat from October 17 – 22, 2014

Keeping the Sabbath.. Radical

By Mirabai Starr

This article originally appeared in the Huffington Post.

Today is Saturday. The sun has just dipped below the western mesa and the face of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is about to be washed with the scarlet glow from which the range derives its poetic name. Shabbat is over and, in the tradition of my ancestors, I mourn a little. The Sabbath, they say, is a taste of “the world to come” — a day so sweet that the Holy One, in His infinite mercy, gives us 25 hours instead of the standard 24 so that we can have a little more time to dwell in tranquility and delight.

Or HersHer infinite mercy. Shabbat is drenched with the Sacred Feminine. When the sun sets on Friday night and we kindle the Sabbath candles we call in the Shekhinah, the indwelling feminine presence of the Divine in the form of the Sabbath Bride. The Shekhinah has been exiled from her beloved Israel, which stands for all people. Jewish mysticism teaches that when we rise to meet the Bride in song and thanksgiving she enters us and renders us whole again. She infuses us with a second soul, an additional spiritual resource with which to navigate the holy temple in time that is Shabbat. Filled with her radiant presence we can pray more deeply, study more insightfully, enjoy food and sex and all the other blessings of creation with greater gladness.

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