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Why You Should Write a Letter to Yourself Tonight

By , M.D. via The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma and published in NYMAG
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Most of us have poured out our hearts in angry, accusatory, plaintive, or sad letters after people have betrayed or abandoned us. Doing so almost always makes us feel better, even if we never send them. When you write to yourself, you don’t have to worry about other people’s judgment — you just listen to your own thoughts and let their flow take over. Later, when you reread what you wrote, you often discover surprising truths.

As functioning members of society, we’re supposed to be “cool” in our day-to-day interactions and subordinate our feelings to the task at hand. When we talk with someone with whom we don’t feel completely safe, our social editor jumps in on full alert and our guard is up. Writing is different. If you ask your editor to leave you alone for a while, things will come out that you had no idea were there. You are free to go into a sort of a trance state in which your pen (or keyboard) seems to channel whatever bubbles up from inside. You can connect those self-observing and narrative parts of your brain without worrying about the reception you’ll get. Continue reading Why You Should Write a Letter to Yourself Tonight

Social Change Institute Impact Bio: Dr. Courtney Howard

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“Here in Yellowknife, we’re over 2º warmer than we were in the 1940s. My patient population is already affected by the changing climate—the ice is more dangerous to travel on, so people fall through; caribou herds are dwindling; permafrost is heaving and making buildings less stable; and we spent the whole summer of 2014 cloaked in wildfire smoke.”

Climate change is here. And Dr. Courtney Howard’s patients are feeling the effects: “As you can imagine, change this rapid is stressful, particularly because many aboriginal people in the north still live very close to the land.  It has real effects on culture and on people’s way of life.” Continue reading Social Change Institute Impact Bio: Dr. Courtney Howard

10 Easy Daily Ways To Be Happy and Healthy Today

By Screw The Rules, Dating Coach Laurel House

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It’s time to focus on infusing more light into your life! Here are 10 ways to start:

  1. Love You… First
  2. Express Gratitude- Thank you
  3. Nurture yourself- inside out
  4. Make an Intention Board
  5. MAKE time, don’t find time.
  6. Jump on a trampoline to fight cellulite and energize your mind!
  7. Create a fitness bank
  8. Surround yourself with motivating people
  9. Detox your social group if you need to
  10. Decide to be happy. Drop the drama!

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Keep Pedalling – It’s only rain!

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This article was first posted on CatherineWiggins.com

It is difficult to find the words to describe the joys of the extended summer experienced on the West Coast of Canada. As we head towards November, it seems as though we have only just wrapped up those T-shirt and cotton dress days to find the Fall rains starting to visit our shores.

I chose the best summer to sell my car this past summer. I had owned a cute VW Cabrio for more than 10 years and she was a charmer. Along with my two-wheeled vehicles I felt that I had the best transportation fleet in town. Yet there had been a subdued desire within me to ‘go carless’ and challenge myself to rely on my sturdy steel-framed Brodie as my main form of transformation. In June I took the plunge and I sold my beloved convertible to friends. My new life without a motor vehicle was beginning.

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7 Principals of Vijnana Yoga

Leslie_YoungSource: © 2003 Vijñāna Yoga Practice Manual, Orit Sen-Gupta.

We are over half way through the year.  The Summer Vacations are winding down, and children are preparing to return to school in September.  It is time to check in with your Yoga practices that have wavered through the summer?  Are you longing for a simple and precise practice?  Do you need to re-calibrate your work life balance to see you through the year end?  Let’s look at the 7 principals of Vijnana Yoga, defined by Orit Sen-Gupta and practiced by teachers and students of yoga around the globe to help you to revive your routines over the coming months.  You will be inspired by the simplicity of the concepts.

1. Relaxing the Body
In the beginning, relax the body. Inhale, and with the exhalation release tension. Inhale, and with the following exhalation scan the body from top to bottom and from the bottom upwards. Wherever there is gripping or tension – relax. The mind is looking at the body with a parental eye. With time one can observe tense areas releasing and embracing space. If areas of weakness are noticed, inhale into them with courage and enliven them with energy. Let excess leave the body; relax. Thus the body becomes stable and quiet.

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