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Spring Cleanse: A Journey of Renewal

Jocelan Coty
Spring Cleanse: A Journey of Renewal
May 10-14

Hang Out At Hollyhock

By Cherie Thiessen via BC Magazine

The northern reaches of the Strait of Georgia are gently rippling today, and in the background the lofty Coastal Mountains still wear a skiff of snow while overshadowing the gentler profiles of the Discovery Islands. I’m glad we have 45 minutes aboard the refit relief boat, Quadra Queeen II; time to savour the pristine, open view before arriving at Whaletown on Cortes Island, British Columbia.

We let our senses quietly expand and absorb. The day will culminate in Hollyhock’s hot tub overlooking the Strait of Georgia and Twin Islands, after three relaxing ferries and leisurely Vancouver and Cortes island drives. Oystercatchers will be calling close by our beachfront cottage and my friend, Pat Crossley, and I will fall asleep listening to the slurp of waves.


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Raising the Roof: Support Our Greenhouse!

After decades of service, the garden greenhouse is ready for retirement and replacement.

Most of you know how it feels to step into the Lodge at meal time—to smell and savour the incredible food that grows outside in the garden and the greenhouse. Will you help Hollyhock by supporting this project?

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Atum O’Kane In the Garden of Well-Being

Thomas Atum O’Kane talks about the the garden of the soul in this beautiful teaching. Join Atum at Hollyhock for Time of Transition on July 3-8 and for Embracing the Human and Divine Within Us on July 8-13.

Thomas Atum O’Kane, PhD, a longstanding and well-loved presenter at Hollyhock, is a graduate of the Guild for Spiritual Guidance. He holds an MA in psychological counseling and a PhD in transpersonal psychology. Atum is a former senior teacher in the Sufi Order International, where he served as secretary general for 12 years. He is the founder and director of the Spiritual Guidance Wisdom School. atumokane.com


Penne Rigate w/Zucchini, Ricotta and Basil

Feature photo by cookbookman17 via flikr.com

A favourite recipe brought to you from our head chef, Rebeka, in the Hollyhock kitchen.

“We have a similar recipe in our recent Garden to Table cookbook, and this is the current summer garden bounty dish we are making in the Hollyhock Kitchen.   This one borrows from David Tanis and the NYT newspaper food section which I adore, a great resource. Wonderful for lunch or supper, make extra to bring to work for your lunch box.  The pasta water trick is a super good one to have up your sleeve for all pasta dishes to create a great sauce and help the sauce stick to the pasta.  Who knew making cheese could be so easy.  And you gotta love the basil…delicious! All you need to round out this lovely meal is some crusty bread to soak up the sauce and a big salad you just picked from your garden and crisped up in your fridge. Bon Appetite’  One could add a dessert, too, something easy like store –bought ice cream so you have more time to enjoy summer’s beauty and be outdoors. “ Continue reading Penne Rigate w/Zucchini, Ricotta and Basil