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The Mindful Life: Awakening World Dharma: Finding Liberation Through Living

Written by Anahata Giri, www.oneheartyoga.com.au
Impressions from a talk by Alan Clements

“Never been done before freedom” – Alan Clements

Alan Clements is an author, activist and meditation teacher and trained with Mahasi Sayadaw and U Pandita in Burma. He is passionate about humans rights and has been a long-time supporter of Burma’s nonviolent campaign for freedom, justice, and democracy. Alan co-authored The Voice of Hope, a collection of conversations with Burma’s Nobel Peace Laureate, Aung San Suu Kyi.

It is a personal passion of mine to bring our spiritual practice into the world, so I was looking forward to hearing the insights of someone who has fully lived a potent combination of spiritual practice and social change.

We are an intimate audience of less than 40 people, poised expectantly as Alan Clements introduces his talk as a distillation of his meditation practice since 1968, more than 40 years. He talks clearly, passionately and is naturally articulate, with fluid gestures and expressive hands. Continue reading The Mindful Life: Awakening World Dharma: Finding Liberation Through Living

The Seven Secrets of Perfect Relationship

By Zuza Engler, who will be presenting Soul Motion™: Body as Living Presence  with Scott Engler at Hollyhock on September 18 – 23, 2016

Yes, you too are in relationship, even if you’re technically single. Pick any important person in your life, or yourself, and see if these apply. 

1. Spend time on your own before you venture into relating.

This is a no-brainer, but so often disregarded, especially in emotionally fused relationships. Sometimes we have to be reminded that some answers are found within, and the intimacy we so long for begins at home. (Meaning, at home inside each of us.)

2. When you look at your partner, focus on space rather than form.

This has taught us to open up our vision when we look at each other. Especially when I feel like I’m not getting what I want: to see my partner as the big, mysterious Life that s/he is, not just the answer to my need. Continue reading The Seven Secrets of Perfect Relationship