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Hang Out At Hollyhock

By Cherie Thiessen via BC Magazine

The northern reaches of the Strait of Georgia are gently rippling today, and in the background the lofty Coastal Mountains still wear a skiff of snow while overshadowing the gentler profiles of the Discovery Islands. I’m glad we have 45 minutes aboard the refit relief boat, Quadra Queeen II; time to savour the pristine, open view before arriving at Whaletown on Cortes Island, British Columbia.

We let our senses quietly expand and absorb. The day will culminate in Hollyhock’s hot tub overlooking the Strait of Georgia and Twin Islands, after three relaxing ferries and leisurely Vancouver and Cortes island drives. Oystercatchers will be calling close by our beachfront cottage and my friend, Pat Crossley, and I will fall asleep listening to the slurp of waves.


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Early Transparent Apple Yogurt Coffee Cake

By Rebeka Carpenter and Tecuana Wooldridge, adapted from “Joy of Cooking” 
Apple Coffee CakeTecuana made this cake in a loaf pan yesterday at breakfast and received many compliments. It’s one that can be easily adapted to different size pans. This recipe calls for a 9×9 baking pan, but we served it in a larger style loaf pan for ease of service in our setting.  It is adapted from the famous cookbook bible, ”Joy of Cooking.”  In that iteration, it includes a streusel topping which we omitted, and we substituted yogurt for the sour cream.  You have the option of mixing nuts into the batter or sprinkling them on top. These early transparent apples provide a delicious bottom layer.  One can easily invert the loaf or cake for upside down service on a wood cutting board or platter, sprinkled with edible flowers like we do at Hollyhock. We often top ours with borage (my fave), calendula, nasturtiums rose petals or sunflowers.

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Penne Rigate w/Zucchini, Ricotta and Basil

Feature photo by cookbookman17 via flikr.com

A favourite recipe brought to you from our head chef, Rebeka, in the Hollyhock kitchen.

“We have a similar recipe in our recent Garden to Table cookbook, and this is the current summer garden bounty dish we are making in the Hollyhock Kitchen.   This one borrows from David Tanis and the NYT newspaper food section which I adore, a great resource. Wonderful for lunch or supper, make extra to bring to work for your lunch box.  The pasta water trick is a super good one to have up your sleeve for all pasta dishes to create a great sauce and help the sauce stick to the pasta.  Who knew making cheese could be so easy.  And you gotta love the basil…delicious! All you need to round out this lovely meal is some crusty bread to soak up the sauce and a big salad you just picked from your garden and crisped up in your fridge. Bon Appetite’  One could add a dessert, too, something easy like store –bought ice cream so you have more time to enjoy summer’s beauty and be outdoors. “ Continue reading Penne Rigate w/Zucchini, Ricotta and Basil

Whole Wheat Raspberry-Cornmeal Scones

Feature Photo from Ripple Rock Cooks

With the ripening of fresh berries in abundance, here is a recipe for you to try at home. This recipe is from our book “Hollyhock Garden to Table” which can be purchased from Banyen Books & Sound online, or in store at our Cortes Island campus. Continue reading Whole Wheat Raspberry-Cornmeal Scones

Share With Those In Need- ‘Suspended’ Coffee & Food Tokens

By Brooke Spencer

Being in the position to help others and share with those in need is commonly seen during the holidays, but ideally it’d be something people strive toward all year.

The concept of suspended coffees and food tokens have been floating around now for years. The tradition of suspended coffees is said to have started in Naples, Italy, where people could pass on a small bit of anonymous kindness to those in need.

Today, people can still go to a café and purchase what’s called a “suspended coffee”, which you pay for when you go into the shop and someone can receive it later. If you are in the area and cannot afford your own cup of coffee, one can ask if any suspended coffees are available.

There are already recognized coffee bars in Alberta, Ontario (Homegrown Hamilton) and Quebec (Tam Tam Cafe) that support the trend.

There is also a program in Vancouver put together by Save On Meats  that  allows people to buy tokens that can be redeemed for a sandwich at their store location on Hastings (43 W. Hastings Street). Tokens can be purchased in store or online.

Hopefully this positive effort towards sharing will continue to be implemented by more restaurants and coffee shops around the city. Spread the word at your favourite local joints.

Check out this list of suspended coffee places around the world.