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The 5 Elements of the Cuban Spirit

By Chen Lizra, who will be presenting The Power of the Cuban Spirit on May 19 – 24, 2017 at Hollyhock.

In today’s world we are seeing crumbling values and a loss of our core as human beings. As we look around, many world leaders, but not all, don’t set a good example anymore. They have stopped being role models we care to live up to. The problem is that seeing and feeling this change causes many to lose hope. We need hope to be happy and to feel a certain magic. Life is meant to be lived with a little ‘je ne sais quoi.’

On top of this, we chase careers, fulfillment, owning a house, cars, raising kids and giving them a comfortable future, we want more and more, but with that more comes a sacrifice. We get addicted to the race, to the stress, to doing without knowing anymore how to stop. Does it really make us happy? Are we really satisfied with life? Do we know how to really enjoy the journey and not just the end goal?

I’ve been traveling back and forth forImage result for chen lizra work to Cuba since 2005. Cuba
is a country that did not follow society’s trajectory, model of the Western World and capitalism. As such it became a case study and a human laboratory for alternative living, connecting and enjoying life. When visiting Cuba there is a certain magic you feel that can’t be explained. And it’s not just because you are on a holiday.

So what is this magic? What are its components? And can they be learned and can work anywhere?

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Tao Yoni Yoga: Self Love Ritual for Women

By Minke de Vos, 2016 Hollyhock Presenter

The art of cultivating female sexual energy is awakening all over the world in women’s bodies! Tap into the ancient lineage of the female shamans who were deeply connected to the energy of Mother Earth. This form of yoga stems from the wisdom of Oriental energy medicine. The ancient Taoists discovered that the reflexology of the yoni (yogic term for sacred place and the female sexual organs) enlivened the organs and glands of the whole body.

A woman places a sacred crystal, jade egg into her yoni to awaken her natural, potent sexual energy and then channels it through her body, particularly to energy meridians, chakras and organs. This vital energy is refined and multiplied to grow love, passion and creativity, using movement, sound and breathing.

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