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The Sounds in Silence: How Horses Help Humans Become Their Own Masterpiece

By Sandra Wallin, director of Chiron’s Way Centre. Sandra will be co-presenting Horse Wisdom in Vancouver on Sept 17, 2017.

Horses have inspired artists throughout the ages and in turn, those of us who look upon their art are captivated by the beauty and majesty of the horse. The cave drawings in Lascaux, Leonardo’s sculptures, and the finger paintings that adorn kindergarten classrooms, created by little girls who dream of being a horse.

What I want to share however, is a new way of looking at horses, through stories that pay homage to the master artist in each horse.  Instead of the painted, they are now the painters, transforming the at times tattered canvas of the human spirit into glowing masterpieces, alive with the colours of love, compassion and joy.

The Sounds In Silence:

My first story begins wrapped in the grey mist of a wet, west coast day.  It was drizzling and overcast as I went out to groom the horses. Standing beside them in the shelter it seemed as though the world stood still. The clouds hovered atop our little mountain, shutting out the sounds from far away, creating a quiet symphony of the little sounds that often go unnoticed … the drips falling from leaf to leaf, the wonderful sound of horses chewing, my own contented sigh.

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Farm Folk can Be City Folk BY REBECCA CUTTLER

Experiencing Vancouver’s urban farms, By Rebecca Cuttler for www.farmcityfolk.ca

Rebecca Cuttler, Executive Assistant to Joel Solomon at Renewal Partners, and an SVI and SCI Alumnae, has written an article for FarmFolk CityFolk Magazine about Vancouver’s urban farming scene.  A print version of the magazine is available for free at specialty grocery and wine shops in British Columbia.

Farm Folk can Be City Folk

If you are paying attention, you might catch it out of the corner of your eye: an almost hidden half-acre where Vancouver’s urban landscape gives way to a lush market garden bursting with flowers, multi-coloured beans and deep red beets. Farmers on 57th is one of a growing number of farms situated within Vancouver’s city limits.

Karen Ageson and Tessa Wetherill are the farmers in ‘Farmers on 57th’. I’m meeting with them in a cluster of lawn chairs next to the market garden stand, and a neighbour and cSA member interrupts us. She has a small plastic bag in her hand, out of which poke some seedlings with leaves that range from green to purple to a near-blue. “Here’s the rainbow kale I was telling you about,” she says, handing it to Karen. We all take a look. Karen and Tessa have never seen this variety before.

Farmers on 57th runs a 30 member cSA program: households sign up at the beginning of each year to receive a weekly share of the farm’s harvest. cSA members come from many walks of life. Some, like the rainbow kale-grower, are gardening enthusiasts. others are busy downtown workers who didn’t know anything about local food production until recently. What they share is the fact that they all pick up a week’s worth of produce at the place where it is grown. As Wetherill explains that, “more and more they stick around, they walk through the garden, they talk to each other.” In many cases, members have had to dramatically changed their diets simply to keep up with the harvest. “I have so much respect for the amount of vegetables they eat,” says Wetherill. “We give them a large box, in the spring they’re getting just greens and greens and greens. They’re like, ‘I have to eat salad every night!’”

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