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Movement as the Liberator of our Being

By Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, who will be presenting Continuum Movement® at Hollyhock in August.

Throughout my life I have used movement as a way to free myself. I am also very aware how movement has been used to take over and control the body.

For example think of watching soldiers marching together in formation, be it Hitler’s army or modern day North Korea.  What is the effect of mechanized, repetitive movements on the body?  Does this type of movement inhibit one’s feeling of individualization and freedom?  Many of us believe it does.

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Hang Out At Hollyhock

By Cherie Thiessen via BC Magazine

The northern reaches of the Strait of Georgia are gently rippling today, and in the background the lofty Coastal Mountains still wear a skiff of snow while overshadowing the gentler profiles of the Discovery Islands. I’m glad we have 45 minutes aboard the refit relief boat, Quadra Queeen II; time to savour the pristine, open view before arriving at Whaletown on Cortes Island, British Columbia.

We let our senses quietly expand and absorb. The day will culminate in Hollyhock’s hot tub overlooking the Strait of Georgia and Twin Islands, after three relaxing ferries and leisurely Vancouver and Cortes island drives. Oystercatchers will be calling close by our beachfront cottage and my friend, Pat Crossley, and I will fall asleep listening to the slurp of waves.


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Alchemy of the Dance  

By Banafsheh Sayyad, who will be presenting  Dance of Oneness: Dance Your Passion at Hollyhock on Sept 23-28, 2016
Photos by Mehri Sahihi

Many of us are terrified of embodiment. We can’t face our broken hearts, the chaos in our minds or the pain in our bodies. We yearn instead for transcendental bliss. Every chance we get, we go off into the beautiful light instead of choosing to face the continually unnerving yet miraculous experience of living that light in our bodies. In this way we continue to separate the realm of the soul from the body.

As far back as I remember, I had two great passions—one for the Divine and one for dance. My whole life has been a search in how to bring these two into direct sacred marriage. The road to this marriage has been long, fierce and difficult yet very rewarding – a road in which I immersed myself in different styles of dance and mystical teachings in my search for this unity of soul and body, spirit and matter, through which I have come to create the style that I perform and teach today, called Dance of Oneness.
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The Seven Secrets of Perfect Relationship

By Zuza Engler, who will be presenting Soul Motion™: Body as Living Presence  with Scott Engler at Hollyhock on September 18 – 23, 2016

Yes, you too are in relationship, even if you’re technically single. Pick any important person in your life, or yourself, and see if these apply. 

1. Spend time on your own before you venture into relating.

This is a no-brainer, but so often disregarded, especially in emotionally fused relationships. Sometimes we have to be reminded that some answers are found within, and the intimacy we so long for begins at home. (Meaning, at home inside each of us.)

2. When you look at your partner, focus on space rather than form.

This has taught us to open up our vision when we look at each other. Especially when I feel like I’m not getting what I want: to see my partner as the big, mysterious Life that s/he is, not just the answer to my need. Continue reading The Seven Secrets of Perfect Relationship

Feeling as Doorway to Presence

By Zuza Engler via her blogZuza will be presenting Soul Motion: Body as Living Presence with her partner Scott Engler at Hollyhock, September 18-23, 2016.

What does it take for someone to actually feel something when they move? Several years back, I wrote a whole 300+ page dissertation (a spiritual boot camp process that almost did me in, I do not recommend it) exploring with a group of brave movers this very question. Having experienced the amazing unlocking powers of conscious dance I wanted to understand how to make those keys myself: how to shape practices that would open the door to, encourage, and support feeling on the dance floor.

Here’s some learnings from my study: The willingness to feel is a must & the first step. Passing through the gate of fear is often required. Repeated sacrifice of identity (i.e. the I that I think I am), habit, attachment to outcome, all that may be asked for. Ability to trust the unknown and surrender to the Mystery is essential.

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