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“Oneness” Lost Sock Project

Video by Lori Goldberg, who will be presenting Painting Beyond the Ordinary at Hollyhock on Aug 27 – Sept 1, 2017.

Last September Lori Goldberg participated in an Artist Residency in New York city. She created a Public art project titled ‘ONENESS’ Lost Sock Project. It was a collaborative project to celebrate our diversity and to create connections. Check out the video below and learn more about the project on Lori’s blog.

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Awakening Genius (Podcast)

By Mark Matousek, who will be presenting Writing to Awaken: Memoir as a Path of Transformation at Hollyhock on August 18-23, 2017.

Each of us is born with a unique gift, an authentic voice waiting to be heard. Regardless of the work you do–artist or housewife, bus driver or entrepreneur–this creative power is your genius. Once you learn to tap into this power, and tell the truth about who you are, your life can be transformed. Find your connection between desire, creativity, and spirituality, and how together they can be forces of productivity, self-awareness, and transformation.

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My Crow Self

By Shaena Lambert, who will be presenting Going Under the Words: Creating Fiction and Memoir at Hollyhock on June 2-7, 2017. This essay originally appeared in Quill and Quire, December, 2013, The Last Word, and was reprinted in The Huffington Post.

Margaret Atwood says in Negotiating with the Dead that writers are like jackdaws (a European crow): “We steal the shiny bits and build them into the structures of our own disorderly nests.” 

Collecting these shiny bits is an integral part of the fiction writer’s craft, but most writers, including me, are somewhat shamefaced and ambivalent about the process. What if these bits are woven out of other people’s secrets? Or pieces of skeleton from the family closet?  There’s an almost physical urge to use the material that speaks to you, especially once it starts to grow on its own, putting out twitching root hairs, but you don’t want to expose or hurt other people.

Nadine Gordimer’s famous solution was ‘to write as though everyone you know is dead.’ But few writers have the chutzpah to do this, or the moral certainty. For most writers, collecting material has a more secretive, illicit quality. It is gathered in the dark, kept under wraps, then released, with a mixture of pride and guilt, in what one hopes is a sufficiently transmogrified form.

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Portrait of an Artist: Lori Goldberg

Via the Georgia Straight by Michelle Martin
Lori Goldberg is presenting Painting Beyond the Ordinary at Hollyhock Aug 28 – Sept 2, 2016

There is something as charming about Lori Goldberg, the person, as there is charm in her paintings.

 It could be the pace at which she speaks, fluttering from one topic to another and weaving disparate themes together. She takes me on a mental trip though Paris, still-life painting for upper class housewives, being a single mom, and getting by as a career artist as I arrive at her East Van studio.

Become a Creative Genius. Now!

Feature photo by quantumlars courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

Read on to learn how to up your creative genius, improve your immune system, and ramp up the Bliss in your life.

So many of us marvel at other people’s artistic achievements and
ingenuity. But most of us fail to to nurture our inner innovator.
Actually, we are all creatives. It occurred to me the other day, how
many of my clients and students are creative geniuses.
I wanted to compile a fun and interesting recipe for spicing up our
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