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3 Tips for Taking Unique and Stunning Photos

By Dr. Charles Steinberg, who will be presenting Digital Photography Capturing the Light at Hollyhock in August.

Here are some images that Charles Steinberg took during his recent workshop, with tips for taking your own photos!

The above image is a riddle. Who or what is this?  The name of the photo is “Manson’s Lagoon Sphinx.” Does that help you sort this image out?

How does one create such a symmetrical image?   The blue is the top right corner is a clue for you.  Our class participants often find using reflections can create unusual and exciting images.  Okay, rotate the image 90 degrees clockwise and you will see the shoreline reflection I saw on a very still day.

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Digital Photography – Capturing the Light

Charles Steinberg
Digital Photography: Capturing the Light
Aug 13-18, 2017

Charles Steinberg: From Point and Shoot to Brilliant Photography

steinberg_charlesBy Charles Steinberg

“From Point and Shoot to Brilliant Photography will help anyone, beginner or experienced photographer, learn how to create fantastic images. Get out of “auto” and learn simple ways to use the settings on a point and shoot or a high-end SLR camera. This is a technical guide to the amazing attributes of your camera. It will also open the doors to creativity and photographic composition. The myriad of images by the author illustrate the lessons. Written in a conversational tone the information in this book will take you from “point and shoot” photos to brilliant photography.”

Charles Steinberg is a published photographer who teaches in Colorado and BC. He has published several beautiful books including “Hollyhock Moments” and “From Point and Shoot to Brilliant Photography”. He is a Hollyhock co-founder whose photos are often found in the Hollyhock catalogue. charlessteinbergphotography.com

Join Charles for Digital Photography: Capturing the light August 4-9, at Hollyhock on Cortes Island.