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Expanding Our Understanding of Love

By Constance Kellough, who will be presenting Innerbody Meditation at Hollyhock on July 12-16, 2017.

Walkway to the Sanctuary meditation room at Hollyhock

There are many different meditation practices originating from various spiritual and secular traditions.  Most, however, stress the importance of quieting the compulsive thinking mind, which wanders on average 50 times in 5 minutes.  This on-going thinking (which is often unsettling, non- productive and not related to what we are experiencing in the present moment) usually emanates from some level of egoic fear and pulls us into the past or into the future.

So instead, we may crave to experience blessed stillness.  Why?  Because stillness is our natural state; it’s our essential self.

Stillness rises on its own when there is no thought.  Eckhart Tolle has said, “Stillness is the language God speaks.”

So how does stillness relate to love? It has been said, “Be still and know that I am God.”  Because God is love, one could also say, “Be still and know that I am love.”

When two people are authentically themselves in a state of stillness (some call it “presence”) with one another, they are in a state of love.

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The Power of Simple Touch

By Ann Marie Chiasson, MD who will be presenting Energy Healing Essentials at Hollyhock on August 19-24, 2016!

The more I work in medicine and with healing, the more I appreciate the power of touch. It is a profound way to reach and connect with another, and connection is wonderfully enlivening and healing. And now the power and benefits of touch have become better and better delineated in the medical research recently.

Touch clearly relieves many types of pain and speeds up wound healing. Touch helps people recover more quickly from the emotional pain of break ups. Touch stimulates our brain to release oxytocin, one of the chemicals released by the brain when we experience love. People with depression make less natural oxytocin and touch can stimulate this. Tragically, depression is on the rise globally. I often wonder if this is, in some ways, because our culture has stopped touching. Continue reading The Power of Simple Touch