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“Oneness” Lost Sock Project

Video by Lori Goldberg, who will be presenting Painting Beyond the Ordinary at Hollyhock on Aug 27 – Sept 1, 2017.

Last September Lori Goldberg participated in an Artist Residency in New York city. She created a Public art project titled ‘ONENESS’ Lost Sock Project. It was a collaborative project to celebrate our diversity and to create connections. Check out the video below and learn more about the project on Lori’s blog.

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Triple Twined Finish

By Marlene Liddle, who will be presenting Weaving from the Wild with Amy Robertson at Hollyhock on May 15-19, 2017.

No automatic alt text available.Marlene Liddle was born in Haida Gwaii and comes from a long line of artists, including Isabel and Charles Edenshaw.

Click on this photo for step by step instructions from Marlene on how to do a triple twined finish.


Check out some of Marlene’s inspiring work below!

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Responding to a Call for Change

By Kathleen Horne who will be presenting Expressive Arts for Body/Mind/Spirit at Hollyhock on May 28 – June 2

Many of us are noticing a deep call – to live a more authentic life, to be more intentional, more creative – to “be the change”. We look around us, and we see a world in serious trouble, a world filled with extreme divisiveness, polarization, fear, mistrust, tragedy and horror.

How do we respond? This is a huge and vital question.

I find it almost impossible to avoid getting caught up in the external polarization. Sometimes it seems like the only way to fight for what I believe in.

And yet, I am sure there is a deeper call. Something that echoes and reverberates within, and also in the world around us. A call to a new way. A call to gather, in the equality and inclusiveness of the circle, on behalf our planet Earth. An urgent call that demands us to use our imaginations, our creative wisdom, our best selves. A call that demands us to stand up for what we believe in, and live it, fully. A call that asks us to look into the darkness, our own darkness, and feel the power that lives there. A call to harness that power, to engage with it, to be vigilant with ourselves in our own quest toward integration and wholeness.

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Bulletins from Immortality…freeing Emily Dickinson.

With Margie Gillis & Elizabeth Parrish

Margie Gillis

Tickets available here.


Transformation is a Real Outcome

by Suzanne Northcott

An invitation…

Hollyhock 2013, The Maker and the Muse with Suzanne Northcott, September 22 – 27, 2013.

“Transformation is a Real Outcome”



This is a place I want to spend time, to teach and to learn. Hollyhock has been on my radar for 30 years as a magical possibility for creative outcomes. Now, with my understanding of the way the whole being contributes to creative work, the call is even clearer. So, come with me at last and we will work and explore, eat beautifully, let the spectacular setting nourish our spirits and walk into “what wants to happen”.


We will come from both sides of the story and the brain – laying out fundamental skills you can count on and illuminating ways to to connect with your inspiration and imagination. We will find our way to the middle – the place where the idea becomes manifest, where what you see or imagine turns to your own work, the evidence of your exploration.

Lets go!!


Suzanne-NorthcottSuzanne Northcott is an interdisciplinary artist working with installation, video, painting, drawing and fashion. She is interested in the shifting place where one thing becomes another, studying dreams and meditation and themes of transformation, decay, metamorphosis and migration. Suzanne’s work is held in numerous collections including the Surrey Art Gallery’s public collection. She is a sought after lecturer, painting, drawing and creative process instructor. White Album, a book of her paintings and Rishma Dunlop’s poetry was published in 2009. Suzanne leads groups on cultural excursions combining painting, journaling and yoga instruction and conducts workshops throughout Canada and the U.S. as well as Mexico, Italy, Spain and Morocco.  suzannenorthcott.ca

More info about The Maker & The Muse at Hollyhock on Cortes Island here.