Support Youth to Lead Social Change: Rebick

Social Change Institute hosts intergenerational dialogue

MANSONS LANDING –  Author and political thought leader Judy Rebick is dividing her time between speaking engagements, writing a memoir of growing up in the 60s, and pouring as much energy as she can into mentoring young

Judy Rebick speaks at SCI


It’s the latter role she finds most gratifying, as she watches examples like the Quebec youth student movement garner attention and support across the globe.

“I see such great leadership emerging, it’s really, really inspiring,” says Judy, whose most recent book is Occupy This!, exploring the courage and creativity of a new generation calling for social change. “I think they’re brilliant, creative and loving.”

When asked what she’d like to see happen in the social change sector, she says it’s allowing young people to lead the way.

“We need to listen and support the youth,” Judy tells Axiom News. “I think they understand what needs to be done; they need support, they need resources, they want to plug into that history, and we need to be there as elders.”

Judy shared her comments at Social Change Institute where she hosted an intergenerational dialogue among the more than 80 attendees ranging in age from 25-65.

The small-group conversations asked participants to share the tensions and strengths of working with different generations.

According to Next Up co-founder Kevin Millsip, the dialogue aims to break down a growing stereotype that baby boomers are at fault for the current economic and social environment, which pits youth and baby boomers against each other.

Social Change Institute took place June 6-10, gathering seasoned and emerging leaders from the social sector who are seeking practical skills and networking opportunities to take their work to the next level.

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