The ripple effect of a scholarship to Hollyhock is infinite

By Penny Naldrett, Hollyhock Development Associate

We are  grateful for the inspiring stories we receive each year that reflect the ripple effect of receiving a Hollyhock scholarship. This year we reached out to past scholarship recipients who shared stories of the transformative impact the Hollyhock experience had on their life. Many shared stories of how their life, relationships and work blossomed with the skills they learned and practiced. We heard from people who returned from Hollyhock to transform their work and business strategy to prioritize social impact; and we learned how people shared their new found skills with their community. The impact of each scholarship we are able to grant continues to ripple through our community and the world.

I spent five days at Hollyhock this past September with a community of change makers unlike any other. The place itself seems to facilitate an opening of both mind and spirit — and in that treasured space, I felt a tremendous desire to connect deeply with those around me. I left Hollyhock feeling grounded, energized, supported, and ready to take on the challenge of being the change I wish to see in the world. Since my return to life in Vancouver, I’ve noticed that I am actively redirecting my contributions (both personally and professionally) such that they better align with the future I want to help create. I’m making different choices – wiser choices – more authentic choices. – Anonymous, SVI

As a charitable educational centre, dedicated to cultural transformation through personal, professional and organization learning and leadership, diversity and inclusion is vital to the work we do to inspire, nourish and support people working for a better future. With the help of  our friends and donors we were able to award 280 tuition scholarships in 2016 with 9% awarded to people under the age of 25 and 36% of scholarships to support candidates with diversity (i.e. racial, First Nations, youth, elders, ethnic diversity).

Now more than ever, Hollyhock’s whole-person experience is vital to forming balanced and creative leaders for the current evolution of our planet. We have already stated to receive scholarship applications for the upcoming programs. With your help we will reach further to support more change makers in 2017. Please support accessibility to Hollyhocks programs and conferences with a one time or monthly donation. Together we are working to support people making the world better.



As freelance lifestyle journalist, author and performer receiving a scholarship to Hollyhock enabled me to attend writing for the Page and Stage with Ann Randolph. In this amazing course, I received the support and guidance to go to the next level with my writing project.

Now that I am back home my Hollyhock experience is always with me and inspires me to continue on with my book with the intention is to entertain, educate and uplift others. It was a dream come true to visit Hollyhock and be nestled in its spirit! Thank you for helping me so I can reach out and inspire others! – Anonymous, Write Your Life for the Page & Stage

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