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Rachelle Lamb will return to Hollyhock this summer to explore how we can begin to create real conversations. Conversations that aim to resolve conflicts and that help us understand the role language is taking in these conflicts.

Below is an excerpt of Rachelle Lamb explaining Nonviolent Communication, the revolutionary approach to addressing conflict. To read the whole post on how this approach came to her life click here:

Nonviolent Communication℠ remains the most effective approach to navigating conflict that I know of. With laser point precision, it breaks down and identifies each base element of communication .. helping people to sort through the often chaotic stew that is cooked up in the coming together of people’s various beliefs, attitudes and desires. “Our repertoire of words for calling people names is often larger than our vocabulary of words that allow us to clearly describe our emotional states” says Rosenberg. Emotions typically run high in conflict situations and when people don’t have the language to articulate their feelings and what fuels them with accuracy and precision, which they often don’t, it’s like being on a stormy sea with no one at the helm; people get tossed about on the waves, sails get ripped and the relation-ship runs aground in a hurtful place that is a long shot from where it might have landed.

Once people have developed the skill of clearly articulating their experience rooted in a consciousness that holds reverence for all of life .. while at the same time maintaining a vigilant alertness to the modes of thinking and speaking that create roadblocks to honest and fruitful dialogue, conflict becomes much easier and more satisfying to navigate. In fact when conflict is well handled, it transports people to a more robust and reliable topography .. where trust, generosity and goodwill become the very ground from which people speak and act. Conflict in fact is not a problem any more than hunger is a problem. Both hunger and conflict come with the territory of being a living organism .. the challenge is in knowing how to respond effectively and creatively to the impulse. Nonviolent Communication provides a sound recipe and once a person knows the key ingredients, they can become ingenious with it and feed people on a deeply human scale.

rachelle lamb
Rachelle Lamb is a speaker, writer, spiritual activist and ‘relationship whisperer’. For over two decades, she has worked in the field of interpersonal relating and conflict resolution employing wisdom and practices found studying cultural anthropology, spirituality, nonviolent communication (certified trainer 2003), social justice, activism, deep ecology, mythology, poetry and storytelling. rachellelamb.com

Step into the conversation with Rachelle Lamb at Hollyhock on Cortes Island, June 14-19 2-15 for Courageous Dialogues.

Image from Rachelle Lamb website.

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