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Nicole Bertram is a professional sewing teacher and yoga instructor. She’s a passionate facilitator of new experiences for those who want to reconnect with their bodies and the objects that surround them.
Nicole Bertram“I have lived from coast to coast, and many places in between. I began sewing at the age of seven, when I cut the bottoms off my pyjama pants and turned them into bags; I continue to recycle clothing, but with a little more taste.

I began to sew quite seriously about four years ago- no longer content to do the things I was already comfortable with, I began to challenge myself. I began to sew quilts, follow more complex pattern and even draft my own. In each project I make, I think of difficulty as an opportunity for growth. Teaching sewing has driven my learning forward exponentially-always seeing projects as a way to add to my repertoire of skills to share!”

Nicole Bertram
Join Nicole Bertram on May 17 – 22, 2015
On Cortes Island for One Stitch at a Time

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