Introducing Hollyhock Talks 2017: A Podcast Series

Hollyhock is thrilled to launch it’s second podcast series- Hollyhock Talks 2017 featuring Hollyhock illuminaries passionately committed to positive change.

“It is an honor and pleasure to connect with such incredible teachers, activists, dreamers, and storytellers. My hope is that the podcast series will inspire listeners to envision a positive future and commit to the practices, skills, and steps necessary to realize that vision,” says podcast producer Farah Nazarali.

Hollyhock Talks features interviews with a variety of our upcoming presenters on the subject of climate psychology, money, leadership, relationships, and more to offer listeners creative ways to transform themselves, their relationships and their communities. Be sure to bookmark this page, subscribe to our soundcloud page and share with your friends.

Michaela Boehm – The Yoga of Intimacy

Tantric Lineage holder, clinical psychologist and world-renowned teacher, Michaela Boehm explores the obstacles to intimacy, the importance of conscious movement practices to awakening sensitivity to sensation and elaborates on intimacy, the principle of polarity, the heart, and how to experience passion and cultivate erotic tension. This is an interview for all people about deepening intimacy with ourselves and others. Join Michaela in Vancouver for Yoga of Deep Intimacy on Sept 30 – Oct 2, 2016!

Good Food for Good – SVI Feature

It takes so little to feed someone. If I can spare a little to make a difference why not? Good Food for Good Founder Richa Gupta speaks about a business model that creates a positive impact in the world. She shares her story about not compromising her values and the joy that comes when you are on purpose and making a difference.
Meet more inspiring social entrepreneurs at Social Venture Institute at Hollyhock on Sept 14-18, 2016

Humanizing Buisness – SVI Feature

Co-founder of Palm Natural Markets, and President of Heart Pharmacy, Rasool Rayani, speaks about what it means to do business in a way that puts people at the center of business and harkens to a time when business owners had a direct and often life-long relationship with consumers and employees. This is a podcast not only about humanizing business but about how businesses can build and sustain communities and create positive change.
Meet more inspiring social entrepreneurs at Social Venture Institute at Hollyhock on Sept 14-18, 2016!

Putting People First – SVI Feature

Gail Mountain, co-founder of Indigo Natural Products Management, speaks about the power of putting people first- investing into employees, giving them the opportunity to contribute and grow, and remembering that people includes business owners themselves! Reflecting on a successful business that employed 20+ people, never borrowed, paid all bills on time and operated in the black from the very beginning, Gail is clear that putting people first includes taking time out as business owners to attend to personal health.
Meet more inspiring social entrepreneurs at Social Venture Institute at Hollyhock on Sept 14-18, 2016!