Oriane Lee Johnston- A Meaningful Life: Your Emerging Future (Podcast)

Oriane Lee Johnston speaks about her personal journey using self-inquiry, and dialogue with the deeper self to be present with what the soul is being called to next and using this process to guide others about their emerging future. This process also involves acknowledging and honoring meaningful milestones in the soul’s journey, being clear on the values that resonate most deeply within ourselves and aligning the inner habitate with our way of being. Who you are has value and out of that value is a way of living and contributing. This is an beautiful interview about the call to live a meaningful, soulful life.

Oriane Lee will be presenting “Your Emerging Future” at Hollyhock, September 22-25, 2017: hollyhock.ca/programinfo/johnston-future/

Bessel van der Kolk – Trauma: The Brain and the Body (PODCAST)

World renowned trauma expert and author of “The Body Keeps the Score” Bessel van der Kolk speaks about introception, the primitive self-protective parts of the brain, breathing as an effective self-regulatory mechanism and the connection between trauma and illness. von der Kolk highlights the complex nature of trauma and the underlying thread that effective treatments share the foundation of consciousness of oneself and self-care; treating the body as a precious entity.

Bessel will be presenting”Trauma, Body & the Brain” at Hollyhock August 18-23, 2017: hollyhock.ca/programinfo/vanderkolk-sky/

Feature Image: Ian Espinosa on Unsplash

Dan Hines- Deep listening, Trust, and the Inner Teacher (Podcast)

Dan Hines, activist, consultant, facilitator, and priest, speaks about deep listening, building trust in small groups, truth-telling, solitude, and the process of creating Circles of Trust.

These circles are like a loom that we are weaving together. The loom sits in the center and I offer the string of my truth to the loom and the loom accepts that thread. Others give voice to the situation of their lives and there is a tapestry of collective wisdom that is being created by everyone in the circle.

This is an insightful interview about being together in ways that honor the Inner Teacher within every one.

Dan will be presenting “Journey Towards Wholeness: A Courage & Renewal® Retreat” at Hollyhock, September 6-10, 2017: hollyhock.ca/programinfo/hines/



Ann Bradney’s work in ‘horizontal leadership’ is on the cutting edge of leadership training, personal development, and human evolution. Using group processes to cultivate awareness and presence, Ann speaks about the magic of human creativity and compassion when individuals are validated, honored, and given the space to rise to their highest potential.
Ann will be presenting Radical Aliveness at Hollyhock August 13 – 18, 2017

Shiobhon Robinsong – Singing for Change (Podcast)

For thousands of years, human beings have come together in community to sing. The myth that not everyone can sing has contributed to a world in which we consume music but have lost the art of singing. Shiobhon Robinson has a passion about singing and a purpose to bring people together through song. This is an interview about the transformative power of singing and ways that singing builds community and connection.

Shiobhon will be presenting Singing for Change at Hollyhock on Aug 9-13, 2017!