Padma Meditation

By Padma Shyam, who will be presenting Padma Meditation: Finding Balance and Joy at Hollyhock in September.

Namaste! I live in the Himalayan mountains, and over the last thirty years, I’ve learned from my guru and through my own daily meditation that we are, each one of us, pure and free and forever blessed.

For years I’ve practiced breath exercises and gentle hatha yoga, eaten a pure vegetarian diet, and every single day, taken the time to meditate.

I’ve found that the single most powerful technique you can do, is the very simple act of sitting down and closing your eyes each day.

Meditation is a practice of freedom and truth; in Padma Meditation you don’t need to join any religion. All you do is sit down and close your eyes and see for yourself that you exist- present and real. With your eyes closed, you know you exist.  When you watch where your attention naturally goes, you’ll see it goes to any thought in your mind. You can think about your body, or think about other people, or think about your thinking. You can spend your whole time in meditation just thinking! But you might also start to inquire, who is thinking?

This direction of inquiry will take you deeper into an awareness of truth. You’ll see that behind all of this busy, changing mind, there is a space of presence that is unchanging. No matter what thinking goes on, this space remains untouched and ever-free. This formless space you see with your eyes closed, is the unchanging ‘you’. For a few minutes in meditation, knowing this still and thought-free space, you are resting in the unchanging presence of who you are.

Take one moment right now and close your eyes. Know that this real you is pure, free and forever blessed.

Practice this daily for 7 minutes and see how happiness comes!

Padma, Marla Stewart, B.Sc., is an enlightened educator, and internationally-renowned meditation expert. Padma hosts four television series, and is certified by the International Meditation Institute of India. Padma will host a workshop at Hollyhock in September, and offers an online meditation course.

Join Padma at Hollyhock for Padma Meditation: Finding Balance and Joy at Hollyhock on Sept 6-10,  2017!


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