Orchard Revitalized with a little help from our friends.

Thanks to the kind stewardship of Rupert Sheldrake and donations from many friends of Hollyhock, the Hollyhock Orchard received the loving care it needed over the winter. It was cleared of brush and several old and rotten apple trees were taken down. The stumps were injected with mycelium spors. The soil was prepared with feed and healthy new saplings were planted including 2 Juliet plums, 2 liberty apples, 2 Italian plums, 2 heirloom hazelnuts and soon to be planted 2 mulberries. Tending to the Orchard will benefit future generations as it continues to flourish and nourish.

It is with gratitude we thank our friends for their loving support of the Orchard and Hollyhock campus:

Sheldrake Family

Joel and Dana Solomon

Richard Russell

Christine Park

Watson Family

Lizanne Fisher & Kolin Lymworth

Laurie Jones

Shaena Lambert and Bob Penner

Anita Wolfe

Ross McMillan

Frank Wear

Shivon Robinsong & Bill Weaver

If you would like to support the Hollyhock campus and its continued loving care, please consider a donation to our Annual Fund wish list or for the long term vitality to the Hollyhock Forever Fund.


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