Hollyhock Garden to Table: Garden-Inspired Cooking Celebrating 30 Years of Exquisite Hollyhock Meals

Cookbook-GardentoTableHollyhock has done it again. Along with its stellar educational programs and spectacular island wilderness setting, Hollyhock has long been renowned for its organic garden inspired cuisine. “The food is incredible. Trust me on that one; I’m a Chef; I should know,” says Hunter M. of Vancouver in his Tripadvisor review. Hollyhock’s second cookbook Garden To Table has remained on the BC publishers bestseller list for several months since its release this March.

Authored by Hollyhock chefs Moreka Jolar and Heidi Scheifley of Ripple Rock Farm and with a forward by internationally acclaimed health expert Dr. Andrew Weil, reviewers are heralding Hollyhock Garden To Table as “…a book about scrumptious food and the professional chefs who are advocates of sustainable, garden-fresh foods for the everyday table,” —Marilyn K. Alaimo, Chicago Botanical Garden. At the heart of Hollyhock’s flavourful cuisine is produce grown footsteps from the kitchen in a one-acre French intensive bio-dynamic garden. With its open kitchen Hollyhock guests witness the connection between soil and dining table as gardeners harvest produce daily and Hollyhock chefs work their magic with the freshest seasonal ingredients.

Due to customer demand, New Society Publishers based on Gabriola Island, BC picked up the mantle to publish Hollyhock Garden to Table, 10 years after publishing best selling Hollyhock Cooks, Food to Nourish Body, Mind and Soil. With the success of both cookbooks foodies hope they wont’ have to wait another decade for the next installment.

At only $24.95, we’re able to offer this brand new selection of recipes from our kitchen for $5 less than our first cookbook published 10 years ago!

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4 thoughts on “Hollyhock Garden to Table: Garden-Inspired Cooking Celebrating 30 Years of Exquisite Hollyhock Meals”

  1. I am experimenting with cooking the plant called “HollyHock”.

    Do you have any information on the nutrition of HollyHock?
    Recipes for the HollyHock plant?


    1. Hey Paul,

      We don’t cook the plant in our kitchen, sorry about not having information for you.


  2. Many wonderful recipes in the Garden to Table book.
    Unfortunately, the lack of a detailed Table of Contents makes the recipes difficult and frustrating to access.

    1. Hi Ellie,

      Thanks for your feedback! Sorry to hear that navigating the book has been frustrating. I’ll pass your feedback on to consider for any future publications. I hope you still have been able to enjoy some of the recipes.

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