Movement as the Liberator of our Being

By Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, who will be presenting Continuum Movement® at Hollyhock in August.

Throughout my life I have used movement as a way to free myself. I am also very aware how movement has been used to take over and control the body.

For example think of watching soldiers marching together in formation, be it Hitler’s army or modern day North Korea.  What is the effect of mechanized, repetitive movements on the body?  Does this type of movement inhibit one’s feeling of individualization and freedom?  Many of us believe it does.

This leads me to the point of this blog: How conscious are we about how movement is affecting who we are and how we act in the world? I have concerns about where we are going in the world today. With the industrial revolution we have created a lot of possibilities. The problem though is that it seems we have started acting like our body is a machine as well. So much of our “exercise” and “movement” is very repetitive and treats the body in mechanical terms.  Think of some of the vocabulary that is popular in the movement field today such as “body mechanics” or “body alignment”.  Also, if you think of dance and movement classes you have you been in where you hear the teacher instructing “seven more, six more”, etc.  How does that make you feel inside?

In my experience of this kind of movement, I do not feel the freedom and liberation of my body and soul, but quite the contrary. There is nothing wrong with this type of movement, but it is just part of the story and not the whole story.

In Continuum Movement® we see the body as a dynamic moving fluid organism. My mentor and the founder of Continuum Movement, Emilie Conrad Da’oud said:

 “As we become more fluid and resilient so do the mental, emotional and spiritual movements of our lives.”

I believe that we need to be more conscious about how movement can change us as individuals and how it can have an effect on our culture. It is important to reclaim our birthright as beautiful, organic, fluid, biological beings by doing movement that evokes this liberating quality.

For me, going inside and feeling the fluid water nature of my body allows me to feel a deep connection not only to myself but also to the amazing water of our planet.

…And then I feel the awe inspiring connection of the water of my body to the water throughout the galaxy.

…And then the connection of water throughout the universe.

And through this process, I am liberated.

Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz, PhD, RSMT, RSME,  is the Executive Director of Continuum Movement®. She has been authorized as a Continuum teacher since 1998, leading workshops nationally and internationally in Continuum, Tai Chi, healing and the human energy field.

Join Donnalea for Continuum Movement® at Hollyhock on August 18-23, 2017.

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